Under the Red Moon - Fei concept design Picture

Sooo...I don't think I actually shared this on here yet. Heh. Oops. But, I have a new webcomic! And I think it's pretty nifty. And I think you guys should check it out. C:

Well, it's not exactly new, it's been in existence for about a year, but new in the sense that I decide to revive it after only publishing...two whole pages last year. Lol. I've reworked the story, introduced some new characters and came up with something that I'm pretty happy with. Don't jump into huge comic projects without taking the time to develop it first, kids.

Under the Red Moon is a dark fairy tale taking place amid the backdrop of a fantasy Chinese landscape. Follow the story of Fei, a crossbow-wielding supernatural bounty hunter as she chases down the most horrific and nightmarish creatures of the night. There will be demons, evil sorcerors, zombies, and of course, wolves. Too many wolves. And maybe grandmas in peril.

And this is Fei! Our main heroine. This is her final design, which first underwent a lot of changes before I settled on it. Her early designs involved a lot more metal armor, and was heavily Castlevania-inspired (the story also originally took place in a fantasy Bavarian setting, until I changed it.) But, this girl is a stealth hunter. She's not strong, and fighting isn't her forte, but she is good at running and hiding. And shooting. So the metal armor had to go, and was replaced by leather.

Anyways, enough of my rambling! You can follow the story on Tapastic and Facebook: tapastic.com/series/Under-the-… www.facebook.com/UndertheRedMo… pages update on the 1st and 15th of every month, so the next update will be this Sunday on the aforementioned sites. I'll be posting more character concept art, sketches etc. here along the way
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