Furry Friends of Moon Ladies Picture

Another picture that has been harassing me. Here was have Usagi with her companion, Luna with Human!Luna watching over them, Kousagi with her pink companion Cora with Human!Cora watching over, and finally (Chibi)Usa with her dear Diana, with Human!Diana watching.
I am both pleased and depressed with how this came out. Usagi looks like she's slumped over awkwardly, Luna is at a weird angle, I messed up Diana hardcore, and I cannot seem to draw Chibi-Usa correctly ever. HOWEVER, I love how Kousagi and her kitten came out! And I like the dresses I gave the three Moon ladies.
I have decided to call Kousagi's kitten Cora. It's sort of a long story why, it's all based in mythology, but yeah...that's my name for her
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