How the new moon arises Picture

how the new moon arises

This mythology story is based from Sumatra and surrounding islands in Indonesia

There once was a shepherd, while grazing his cows when it suddenly began to rain.
He sought to harbourage under the foliage of the nearby woods, where he was a giant snake awareness, sat on top of her eggs.
Her head shot up suddenly, as if she was looking for food,
The man immediately understood that the great snake Hala no Gadang had that night in the sky as a constellation.
How he had to escape from the monster? In his fear he picked up a few stones and hoped the animal to take me, but he only touched the eggs vomiting. When the snake hissed them: "You have taken the life of my children, I will kill you." The man put it on a walk, but the snake went after him.
With rapid twists of her powerful body, she reached a great speed. Yet she could not catch up the shepherd. After a time the man of the earth reached the end. A leap he threw himself into the air, but even there he was seated by the snake after. Finally the man approached the moon and begged her for help. The snake was a little later and told what crime the man had committed.
The man felt sorry for the shepherd, who stood there panting and sweating for her.
However, she did not know in what way they could help him, so she asked the sun to board. They discussed the problem for a while and came to the conclusion that the snake compensation to the shepherd had to ask. The snake was having none of it and continued to insist that she wanted to devour the culprit.
Finally, the moon took a generous decision. "When you decide someone to devour," he said, take me I offer you each month my body to feed the poor, donate this man's life. "
The snake agreed, and so it is that we have the moon every month of the sky and disappear. The snake has swallowed him.
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