Alternate Kingdom - The Daenox Mythology Picture

A Daenox is a species who gave up their own species origin, lost their hearts or got corrupted by darkness to turn into a powerful demon of darkness.Other legends of the Daenox also reveal to be actual souls corrupted, twisted by darkness and become more evil and demonic. These monsters can either be a Goomba, Koopa Troopa, a human or an animal. They are found only on Mushroom World.

One human, the very first Daenox, is the father of Darth, King Darckon, thus making his son a pureblood Daenox, which are known to be among the strongest among them.

Although, the Legendary Hero defeated them thousands of years ago, but they returned after the hero sacrificed his life and the world fell into darkness. However, one of the deities of Mushroom World, the Moon Goddess sealed the Daenox away in her sacred realm, along with herself.

Until, someone very familiar pulled off a divine prank and broke the seal, so he could keep all the Daenox into a star gemstone currently known as the Nox Ztar.

The Daenox will make their debut appearance in Super Mario Bros. X: Alternate Kingdom. Spoiler alert, Dark Mario from Sea Side Adventure (Cosmic Mario / Cosmic Clone) is a Daenox now who will consume Mario's soul.

Another spoiler alert, they are one of few enemies who seriously want Mario, King Varun and Marvin's head.

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