Sleipnir Picture

Horse & additional legs: ~Ulvar-Stock
Sky: ~lataeral-stock
Part of mane&tail (brush): ~trisste-brushes
Rest is painted

It might have a few itsy-bitsy mistakes but I don't really care. I've spent quite some hours on this one.

Sleipnir is the Norse god Odins horse, known to be the best horse among gods and men.

The story of Sleipnir is, that back when the norse gods still were creating Asgard, an unnamed builder came to them, offering to build the wall around Asgard in only three seasons. The Gods were impressed by this offer and asked the man what he wanted in return. The man replied that he wanted the Sun, the Moon, and the beautiful goddess of love, Freyja. The gods discuss the matter and agrees to the mans request, knowing that no mortal would ever succeed. The mans has one request though - that he may use his faithful stallion Svadilfari, for help. This the gods agree to, after Loki suggested that he still wouldn't be able to succeed.
Now Svadilfari is no normal horse, he is a horse from Jotunheim and has twice the strength of his master and thanks to this, the wall will soon be finished.
The gods turn to Loki who had said that even with a horse for help, the man wouldn't succeed. They threaten Loki with all sorts of punishment and says that he is responsible and must sort it out.
Loki, who was fearing for his life, says he'll do what he can.
So the last night before the wall is finished Svadilfari is encountered by a beautiful mare. Svadilfari becomes frantic and tears apart his tackle, running after the mare into the woods.
Meanwhile, the builder is so angered that he shows his true self, he is a hrimthurs, and he prepares to attack the gods and destroy the wall, but he never made it that far, since he was struck down by the hammer of Thor.
The mare, who of course were a disguised Loki is later giving birth to a grey, eight-legged foal: Sleipnir.

There are many legends which can be tied to Sleipnir, but that of his birth is probably the most known.

Date: 11th of October 2009
Mood: happy
Inspiration: Norse myths and the song "Sleipnir" by Manowar
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