Sun and Moon Picture

Stupid random Ocs... c:

I want to do personifications for these two ; 'cause I was always interesting by the Sun and the Moon.

For their genders,I was really influenced by the Greek / Roman mythology and by romance language ; cause in mythology,Luna(roman) or Séléné(greek) is the god of moon,and she's a woman ; it's the same with Sol(roman) or Hellios(greek) is the god of the sun and he's a man.
In romance languages,the moon is a feminine noun ( la lune,la luna,a lua)and the sun is a masculine noun (le soleil,il sole,el sol, o sol ).
In fact,the moon is a sign of feminine,and the sun of the masculine.

For their appearance,I just use the colors you've in the day and the night; and so when the sun is the representationn of the life ; and the night is the reprensentation of the dead ; like in greek mythology with the enigme of the Sphinx.

I hope you like it!

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