Smeyers Mythology Slayer Picture

Please excuse the size. D8 It needed to be big enough to read and I couldn't get it any smaller than 500 pixels tall without having to squint to see it. You can have e-cookies if you don't complain. 8D

Anyway, this is a bit of a rant concerning Smeyers interview where she said she wanted to take a break from Twilight and had an idea for a "mermaid" novel... but the mermaids aren't like the mermaids we know... and she's calling them "sirens". *facepalm*

Greek Mythology hates you too, Smeyers.
SIRENS: Half-bird, half-woman creatures who sit on rocks and sing to attract sailors who crash their ships and drown. Most often recognized in the Oddessy. (Oddyseus ties himself to the mast of his ship so he can hear their song but not drown.)
MERMAIDS: Half-fish, half-woman creatures that have beautiful singing voices. Sort of ended up mashing together with the myths of the Sirens until they too sat on ships and sang to sailors to lure them to their death.

So please. Do your local mythology geek a good deed and inform her that sirens are not mermaids and that she shouldn't tamper with such wonderful mythology. (Sparkling vampires? Wtf?)

-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Myth Geek
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