Thoth - Two Sides Of The Moon -digital version- Picture

"Whatever my king shall require of me..."
Thoth's Theme:…
We all know Thoth, right? God of Wisdom, Learning, Writing and Knowledge? Scribe fo the Gods and Advisor of the King? Yeah, these are all nice and good. But allow me to share a few lines with you, taken from a very accurate and exceptional book about the mythology:

"In another role, Thoth was considered protector and messenger of the gods. He was expected to sharpen his knife and cut out the hearts and remove the heads of those who would do harm to god or king. [...] Additionally, he was to protect justice and assure peace." Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt by Robert A. Armour

Now, let me spell it out to you, in case you you do not play too much Assassin's Creed: Thoth was a Master Assassin before the goddamn Assassins were assassins!!! How cool is that?!! He is literally the assassin and guardian of the pharaoh and any god who would have been accused falsely. This nerdy bookworm son of a bitch isn't all that cute and lovely, now is he?
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