Red Moon Picture

Yayyyy, first OC art of the year! It feels like forever since I've completed a picture of any of my OCs! *___*

These two are fairly new characters so their design and colours might change a bit in the future (Eden especially cause she currently looks too much like Sorrell)

Deidre (brown-haired) is Blaze and Sorrell's boss. I kinda went with her name's meaning when shaping up her backstory (Deidre = "Sorrow/Grief" + plus the Celtic Deirdre from Irish mythology). She's not all gloom though, and infact is quite a party animal haha! Unlike most of the other characters, she's human + has no supernatural abilities (like Mirelda). However she dedicates her work (and loves) to study and research about supernatural creatures and half-humans.

Eden (black-haired) is Deidre's partner. She was inspired by "The Goat" in "Mrs Pumpkin's Comical Dream" (Vocaloid lmao) and the Grim Reaper. She's a demon + likes making contracts with dying humans that interest her but currently pretends to live as a normal human with Deidre. "Eden" is not her actual name, but a name given by Deidre.

Also! Was listening to Kalafina's "Red Moon" when drawing this *____*
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