Keeper of the Moon Picture

“Who are you, my lady?” the Shepherd asked the beautiful maiden.

“I am Udana of the Moon,” she declared. “For whom your song of love was written.
You have saved me, as I once saved you.
Know that I love you and my heart sings with yours.”

Song of Udana 6:2-3

In the world of Moonshadow, there is probably no other figure from elven legend more important than Udana, the Keeper of the Moon and first of the Sacred Mothers.

At the dawn of time, the firstborn children of Elberon & Madaera—the Kratari—were charged with keeping the balance of the Great Mother and the greatest of the Firstborn, the Seraphar, were given the authority to rule over the spheres of Creation. The One Law that Elberon gave to His children was that the Firstborn may never know the Secondborn, humanity, within the material world, lest the Mother's balance be destroyed and Death and Darkness reign. In time Udana, the Keeper of the Moon, fell in love with the human shepherd, Endymion, and chose the path of forbidden love, giving birth to the first of the elven race. Seeing that Death did not reign on the earth, other Seraphar gave into their passions for human men and women and their children increased in number. However, it was not long before hatreds grew between Secondborn and Thirdborn, and great wars erupted across the earth, shattering the Mother's balance and causing her great pain. Her cries tore at Elberon's heart, and the Mighty Father shed great tears for His bride and called His children to account for their sins. Walking the path of sacrifice, Udana proved that her love for Endymion was true and worthy, and was granted redemption. Her brothers and sisters, however, were found guilty, chained, and cast into the Pit of Shadows until the end of time, forever to be known as the Fallen. Thus the elven people became known as the Naphalei—the Children of the Fallen.

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I wrote a lore/companion poem called The Descent of Udana, in Near Eastern style verse, about her descent into the Underworld, which you can read here.

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