Kaliva Picture

This is Kaliva, a character for Last Legend.
She's a clairvoyant, and will join the party because she sees into the future with her crystal ball (if you haven't guessed, she wears it on her hat) and prophesizes "the end of the world".
So she joins in hopes that she can prevent it.
But if she cannot, she still wants to take pictures of the world as it was.

She can be equipped with any weapon in the game, as well as using a camera to fight with and cards (she's holding a tarot card for death pictured above), which are specific to her.
She can be equipped in all 6 of her hands, including two handed weapons if you wanna go that route.
Which, you could even do 3 one handed weapons.
And she has elastic limbs and such like Dhalsim and Luffy.

Oh, and if you have her in your active party, she can go around and can take pictures, which will obviously have sidequest potential.
Think of it as channeling how the picture taking was in Pokemon Snap and Wind Waker. XD
She'll have sidequests you can do by utilizing her camera to take pictures of things, monsters, monuments, ect. for rewards.
She also will have a passive ability where she can prophesize with her crystal ball what to do/where to go next, and can do character's fortunes to help make rare enemies appear, increase chance of fortunate outcomes (like getting double EXP, money, or loot) BUT...a misfortunate can be told as well, so that's something to keep in mind...
Passed that, she can give hints on side quests and other hidden areas and treasures you can get due to seeing them in her crystal ball.

And, if you didn't realize, her camera (which is a living creature named Katmra) can be used as a weapon similar to Saiga on Speed Grapher.
It makes things go flash boom!
If you have a camera equipped to fight with, it either just hits enemies normally OR has a chance to blind the enemy, to autokill them, or steal their soul.
If it steals their soul, it makes the enemy or enemies not attack anymore, they just stay there for the rest of the battle without motivation.

If she sees someone do something, chances are she can copy it and mimic it from that point on, because she has photographic reflexes and abilities.
In terms of how the copying works for more intricate stuff like other people's powers, that's actually another aspect of how she usings her living camera, Katmra.
She takes a picture of what someone or something does, and then aims the camera at herself (like taking a selfie), it flashes into her eyes and she learns it.
Though, there are some exceptions...
She can't copy vampires.
Because they don't show up in mirrors or pictures. XD
So, Shinkuken for instance, can't be copied.

Aside from that, when using Tarot Cards, depending on the deck, the version of the different Arcana will be based on the deck.
So using the Moon Arcana as part of one Tarot Card deck will utilize a different looking moon than another's.

Passed that, Kaliva's battle abilities are:
*Snapshot: Learns skills of other party members (think Gogo on Final Fantasy VI) and can learn specific "special moves" from enemies (think Gau's Rages and Strago's Lores, also from Final Fantasy VI).

*Prati: Copy a party member's actions. Mimic style.

If you wanted to see more Kaliva, I've done two digital arts you can check out here:
Both of which were based on things my friend
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