DigiDoodle Dump 6 - Sailor Moon AU Picture

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WOW THIS ONE IS REALLY OLD. I completely forgot to post this cod knows how long ago. Oh well. Better sooner than later I guess lmao. So yeah. Sailor Moon Digimon AU. Here's a copy paste of what I had to say about this on Tumblr when I first posted these doodles well over a month ago.

Has anyone made a Sailor Moon/Digimon Crossover/AU yet?? No?? Well here’s some bad doodles for you all. (I call the Digivice of this AU the DigiBroach, so that the Magical Chosen could wear them lol)

Quick reminder that all Digimon can evolve to almost any Digimon. Some of these mons don’t have like canon evolutions and some of my picks are a little far fetched, but hey, these are my picks. Also I decided to not pick any Olympos XII Digimon aside from Dianamon and Venusmon, due to them being sort of obvious choises and still not being all that fitting in my opinion.

Usagi (Hope): Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Dianamon
Usagi gets the Crest of Hope because she was always everyone’s last hope. Her partner Digi would be have to be some, small, cuddly and cute Digimon, and Lunamon has both moon and bunny themes.

Minako (Love): Tinkermon -> Pucchiemon -> Piccolomon -> Venusmon
The second I saw Tinkermon I just had to pick it as Mina’s Digi. I continued with the fairy-type theme since Tinkermon sort of also reminded me of Piccolomon and Pucchiemon’s love-theme. I thought it would be fitting if Minako’s Digimon shared something in common with Usagi’s, since Venus was fake Princess Serenity etc, hence Venusmon.

Chibi (Light): Sistermon Blanc -> Tailmon -> Angewomon -> MarinAngemon
Chibiusa gets the Crest of Light because I think it doesn’t really fit anyone else (also, Chibiusa’s VA was Hikari. I have no shame). Her partner Digimon is Sistermon Blanc. I came across this Digimon by accident, and at first glance you’d probably want to switch her with Lunamon, but I thought that Sistermon sort of resembles Hotaru, Setsuna and Diana put together. Sistermon does have a bunny theme too, something about it just worked in my opinion. I decided to keep the “holy” theme with the evolutions (also Sistermon reminds me of Angewomon).

Hotaru (Miracles): Plotmon -> BlackTailmon -> LadyDevimon -> Lotusmon
I thought Hotaru should have a very innocent and tiny partner, so Plotmon seemed perfect. Lotusmon seemed like a really fitting Ultimate form, so all I had left was to figure out what evolutions there are in between. Mastemon’s been announced as a new Jogress evolution for LadyDevi and Angewo, so I shamelessly picked LadyDevi just so that Chibiusa and Hotaru could be Jogress Partners lol

Ami (Knowledge): Penmon -> Sorcerymon -> Panjyamon -> Daipenmon
So, Ami’s partner has a really weird evolution tree. I sort of had to decide whether I’d want stick to the ice-theme or knowledge-theme, since you can’t really have both. Pen and Daipen are sort of meant to be on the water-ice theme side, while Sorcery and Panjya are on the wisdom-ice side. I will attempt to justify Panjyamon being there with the fact that Ami was originally meant to die a horrible, gory death but that idea got canned. A Leomon variant sort of fits in this tree when you remember that (also, Daipenmon is actually a cyborg Digimon. Huh. That’s pretty fitting too)

MORE OF THIS HORRIBLY DOODLE’D CROSSOVER/AU THING (I tried to make the remaining Outers look a little younger but IDK if that worked out. BTW Setsuna isn’t super short she is supposed to be at least as tall as Makoto I just made each doodle separately and stuff and slapped them together here like this. Also that Asuramon looks horrible I’m sorry)

Rei (Purity): Candmon -> Meramon -> Asuramon -> Zanbanmon It took me forever to decide if Rei’s partner would be Renamon (as the mon and it’s “natural” evolution tree is mythology-based, and Sakuyamon / Kuzuhamon have a Miko-theme), but I ended up going with the fire-theme instead, and hey, I like to think that Rei would have an Asuramon as her partner. It would be really, really metal y’know

Setsuna (Sincerity): Renamon - Youkomon -> Doumon -> Kuzuhamon
Something about Kuzuhamon really reminds me of Sailor Pluto (picked Kuzuha over Sakuya because colorschemes). The graceful, noble warrior thing just really fits Setsuna if you ask me.

Makoto (Courage): Palmon -> Reppamon -> Lilimon -> Banchou Lilimon
Maybe Makoto being voiced by the same person in Crystal who did Ryoko Matoi in KILL la KILL is messing up my perception of Makoto, but I really feel like Banchou Lilimon fits Mako. I know most people would probably give Makoto a Rosemon but something about Rosemon doesn’t fit Makoto if you ask me. Rosemon would totally be Mamoru’s Digimon.

Haruka (Friendship): Falcomon (original) -> Airdramon -> Garudamon -> Valkyrimon The second I saw original Falcomon’s (not the 2006/Savers variant, not that I don’t like that Falcomon, both are adorable) Refencebook Entry I just knew it had to be Haruka’s partner. Falcomon’s evolutions of course feature some androgynous birb-people and an Airdramon because ships

Michiru (Kindness): Otamamon (Child) -> Seadramon -> Mermaimon -> Ancient Mermainmon
I was originally going to put Tylomon as the Adult Digimon in this tree but then I was like “nah let’s focus on ships instead lol”. Otamamon is one of those Digimon that have various Levels, so it could be a Child, it’s not locked at Baby II. And of course Michiru has some Mermaid Digimon.

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