Mayan Sun and Moon Gods Picture

Miguel and Tulio belong to Dreamwork's 'Road to El Dorado.'


The story and the Gods that Miguel and Tulio portray is of One Hunapu and Seven Hunapu, twin brothers who were born when their father who lost a ballgame against the cheating Gods was beheaded and became a tree. A daughter of one of the Gods went to the tree to see him, and the head on the tree spat in her hand, making her pregnant.

She went to the realm of the living to raise One Hunapu and Seven Hunapu, but they couldn't refrain from loving the ballgame. The mother ordered them not to play, but a mouse told them the reason she didn't want them to play the ballgame was because it was the ballgame with the Gods that decided their father's fate.

Determined to brig back their father, they played the game until the Gods became interested and challenged them to a bunch of challenges, followed by a ballgame.

In the end, they succeeded and revived their father from his fate, and he became the maize God. Then One and Seven rose to the sky and became the Sun and Moon.

The whole story is really interesting, and one of my favorite mythologies. If you get the chance, look up 'Popol Vuh,' the Mayan story of creation. It has that story in there. you'll see a lot of similarities between that and the Road to El Dorado.

My favorite detail is when Miguel and Tulio keep talking about going 'up' when the spirit realm is underwater in the Mayan culture. Only if they were to rise and be the Sun and the Moon again would that work. In some translations, the moon is actually Mars, but the moon was the translation I was first taught.
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