The Moon Goddess Picture

*edit* changed size for easyer viewing

watercolour on watercolour paper.

based on the goddess Selene (or Luna depending on whether you go by Greek or Roman mythology)

i drew this a while ago, i still plan on learning photoshop with it, however its been nagging me to paint it... you know how some paintings are... the next painting i'm suppose to be doing is on the subject of the gift but no the sun painting idea i have is like draw me.... oooo your early finished pick me pick me... so i have begun drawing him whilst waiting for paint to dray and what not, no where near a finished sketch though.

hopefully once i have the sun painting sketched i'll be able to think of composition and stuyff for the gift challenge on IFX... i think i'm going to dig my ideas books out and see if i have anything in there...

anyway hope you guys like it.

stock was used for reference from
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