Nin Picture

No – not like the band!
Rather for the sword over heart kanji that can be pronounced that way.
It can have different meanings –
‘nin’ is usually associated with endurance or perseverance (it can also be pronounced ‘shino’ which usually means stealth). There are a lot of symbols in this, some are pretty obvious (sun/moon, the different dragons/serpents, while others are less so. The design at the end of the sword hilt is based on a vajra, which is associated with Buddhism (this kind actually has five prongs – four around the edges and one in the center - although only three are visible in the picture – and they all mean different things). The two serpents form a heart shape, and the wings/feathers also form the kanji symbol for heart (sort of – the strokes formed from the peacock-like feathers actually go the wrong way, but I think it’s recognizable). Peacock feathers also have a lot of symbolism associated with them – I realize that they don’t look exactly like peacock feathers, but I was out to form the heart symbol with the wing pattern, so I changed the shape a little to make that look better. The kanji on the top of the sword says ‘courage’. Although in the end it does look somewhat similar to a couple of my other pictures, I actually had a hell of a time coming up with the design for this. A couple details in scraps.

Full View display has been reduced to 1000 * 750 pixels
Actual image (for prints) is about 3100 * 2330 at 200 DPI
Original is 30*40 cm
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