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Some of the characters of Tyler's story that pop up a little in Jay's too

Each of the main OCs in the Exorior storyverse has a particular set of legends attached to them represented in their backstories and their own beliefs/existences, i.e. Jay - Lakota, Tyler - Norse, Nadja - Romanian, Otsuyu - Japanese, Douglas - Celtic, etc etc etc oh my god there's too many
The world revolves around each individual's beliefs; no two people will perceive the world in the same way, those who choose to follow a certain set of legends may not be able to see the existence of conflicting religions or beliefs, even though they all co-exist, albeit not peacefully sometimes. Their afterlife too depends on their beliefs and actions in life, and the ritual or method by which they are killed. Certain events represent historical happenings; Jay and Lewis' transformation to vampires, for example, is to represent the intrusion of the European settlers, as vampires were primarily a European legend before the spread to the Americas and other countries.
(Or at least, the kind that bite and turn others; there are lots of other 'breeds' prevalent in other cultures but I don't want to confuse everyone so I'll shhh)
... I will try to explain this better at some point OTL


- Varúlfur
A breed of werewolf. They are descended from Sköll and Hati, and the two lines follow the brothers' obsessions; one being the moon worshippers, children of Hati, and the other sun worshippers, children of Sköll. They are often confused with the beserkers who wear animal skins and take on spiritually the properties of an animal in battle, though the Varúlfur are true shapeshifters. They're more like wolves who can shift into humans than the other way round; they're beasts at heart and nothing but pure brutality and power. A man cannot be turned by their bite, but he can become a werewolf by stealing an enchanted pelt and donning it, where he will become a wolf for nine days and return to human form on the tenth. If he tastes human flesh in the time he is a wolf, the curse is sealed, and a wolf he shall remain. They're warriors, and believe the only way to a good afterlife is through death in battle.

- Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson
Sons of Fenrir, fathers of the werewolves; Hati chases the moon and Skoll the sun, though they will not catch them until Ragnarok. When that happens, the stars will fall from the sky and the world will be plunged into darkness, all binds shall break and their father shall be freed.
They're greedy, dumb beasts, and Loki unsurprisingly was the one to trick them into chasing the celestial bodies in the promise they would taste great. They do however serve a purpose in motivating Sól and Máni to do their daily duties, as before the two were rather lazy and the length of the days would depend on when they could be bothered to drive their chariots over the sky.
(I've always thought Sköll to be blind, since he's always looking into the sun |'D)

- Hel
Daughter of Loki, she guards the land of the dead that shares her name and receives a portion of the dead, namely evil men. Half of her is a beautiful woman, while the other is blackened, decaying and skeletal; she's always gloomy and downtrodden, and fierce in her expression. Her soot-coloured rooster will call at the beginning of Ragnarok, and during the events she rises from Hel and her people join Loki in battle on the fields of Vígríðr, her hound Garmr breaks free and slays (and is slayed by) Týr, and she is ultimately killed in the carnage of the fight.

- Fenrir
A great and terrible wolf, son of Loki, so horrendous of a beast that the gods refuse to kill him for fear of tainting holy land with his blood. He's huge; it was said when he opened his maw, his nose touched the sky while his lower jaw lay on the ground (but that's possibly a bit of an exaggeration). He's a cunning one and very strong, twice the gods tried to bind him only to have him break free, but on the third he was bound and fettered by an enchanted silken ribbon. He remains bound until Ragnarok when he will break his fetters, seek revenge on Odin, and eventually be killed by Odin's son Víðarr. Like his father he has a penchant for chaos, though he's much more malicious and it's all in evil effort.

- Jörmungandr
Also known as the Midgard Serpent, son of Loki who was cast into the ocean by Odin due to terrible prophecy. He is big enough that he wraps around the world and bites his own tail, and when he lets go the world shall end. He has a history with Thor, once appearing to him as a large cat, and once being caught by him in an attempt to slay him, but Thor's accomplice gets scared and cuts the line, leaving the serpent to go free. Eventually he will fight Thor and be slayed by him, though not before poisoning the sky and leaving the god only nine steps before he too collapses.
He's horrific and poisonous, but luckily he resides deep down in the ocean and doesn't cause harm unless someone disturbs him.

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