Moon Goddess Chang E n Yu Tuzi Picture

I know it's a bit early for the Moon Festival, but, I like this charecter from the Classic Chinese Mythology.

Chang'e (2 syllables) the "a" is pronounced like the "a" in "Car" or "Taco", and the "e" is pronounced like the "u" in "butter" or "nut".
So, it's "Chahng-'Uh!"
NOT ""Chäng" like "sang" nor "bang"!!!!! And the "E" is not "ay" nor "eh"!!!!! And, it's not "Change!!!!" like pennies & nickles!!!! SO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!

Chang'e was a lovely lady who married a Hero. And, he was very powerful. But, after having won much stattus and aclaim, he somehow changed to be a bad guy. So, he was given imortant pearl pills, and he left them in the box and went out to drink. So, she pannicked and stole his pills, and partook of them, When she did that she changed into a "Jing zi" which is like a sprite or a fairy, and thus a god/immortal. So, to escape her Husband, she flew up to the moon with her White Jade Rabbit.

Upon the moon lives a Woodcutter and an enchanted Tree. Everyday the Woodcutter will chop down the tree, and each day it grows back.

But, Chang'e also dances and sings for the Yu Di (Jade Emporer of Heaven) in his court, and 1 day the Marshal Tien Peng became so overcome with lust that he made an advance upon her. She ratted on him, and he was exiled to live on the Earthly Plane, as a Pig. And, that is Zhu Wuneg, or Zhu Bajie in the "Journey West".

If you have any other versions of the story, please post 'em.
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