'Kathleen's Natural Mythology' - Day Picture

*** DAY ***

The Month with the white hair and shiny clear skin, she was the one who created Snow with Sky.
She was born with Mithra; the angel of light, goodness and strength on earth. Though with her birth came the cold and the ice, because she came with "Hibernal Solstice" (or "Yalda"), she was named 'Day' to remark the reversion of Sun's direction at the night of her birth. Day was a fair Month; while Bahman always teased her kindness toward the normal human, Day always tried to walk them slowly toward the frozen weather of Bahman's time; the middle month of the Hibernal Season. Bahman believed the Nature and the Naturals would be blessed with the cold as much as the warm, but Day wanted the normal humans to get used to the cold through her before meeting the brutal Bahman.

Day was beautiful but never friendly. She held a secret since the day she was created: Day was in love with Sky who lived up above the clouds. He was the first thing she saw when she was born. She loved him in the night and in the day. And he loved her for eternity; Sky made her the rain when he saw her cry for Mehr and Bahman mocked her for her long feet. She never told others about Sky because she knew for sure that she would be teased; there was no doubt that she could never be with her lover.

But Day stayed away from other Angels and Months, spending most of her time on the highest mountains to be as close to Sky as she could, sitting on the border between the dark and the light. One night Bahman and Mehr saw the letter she had carved on the mountain for Sky and informed others about their secret love.

From that night Day never went down the mountain. She stayed there under the Sun and the Moon, until she became so distraught that her hair began to fall; as the wind took away her unnumbered hair one by one, Sky became angry and tore his house into pieces. The flying hair met the white clouds and together they created something cold, short-lived, yet beautiful.

They named the proof to their love 'Snow'. Some say Day is still on top of the highest mountains, even through the kingdom of other Months; they say she cares for Snow on the heights, trying to keep the soft ice from melting when the year circles and repeats.

White is her color, her precious stone diamond. She was a great singer, and her time begins December 22, ending with January 20. She was the first month of the Hibernal Season.
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