Dragon Moon Picture

Harvest Moon -- The Full moon of the autumnal equinox, powerful in mythology and helpful to ancient farmers. To the shamans of this frozen area, it is better known as Dragon Moon. It is the time for Issui Frostbane, Shaman of the Artic Dragons, to do his most important cerimony and wish for three miracles from the spirits of Dragons past to use in the following year. Magic fills the air as thick as smoke and mixes with the incense burning in his bonfire, as the sound of his chanting and the drumming of dragonbone on leather, his draconscale feathers and chest plate ringing like bells as he moves.

For Days he does not sleep, meditating, fasting, praying, and, most importantly, singing and dancing as tribute to the Dragons, living and long past.

And whats really funny is the true four day cerimony is performed in private or with another shaman, and is considered practice for the just for show cerimony for the tourists the week after.

EDIT: just because people cant seem to string together the fact that Issui is Raised by Dragons and is wearing dragon scale and has a dragon bone in his hand...

No slaying dragons were involved in the creation of the outfit -- Issui's RAISED by dragons!

The scales used for the feathers and chestplate are made of shed scales, and the bones are from a dragon that died of old age long before he was born -- the bone is older then the modern Satyr. >.<
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