Tsukimono - Blood's Moon Foxfan Picture

Fist off, I want to start off with a little explanation!!!

In mythology (forgot which region) it is said that the full moon is the gateway to the afterlife in which souls could pass through. Within the Japanese lore, the blood moon is a representation of a bad omen, disaster, evil afoot, ect. So what if I mixed these two? The gateway to the afterlife is open, but it is covered with a blood red glow. The Japanese, and several others, used to believe that butterflies were the souls/spirit of the deceased. This leaves us with evil spirits! I know my train of thought is weird, buuttt hey, it's unique. This also plays in why I nicknamed him "Grim" :3 I thought it was fitting and I ended up calling him that a lot.

So onto the details!

Theme: Chi no Tsuki - Blood's Moon
Name: Tsukimono
Nickname: Grim, Tsuki
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan
Mate: Ellis (PixByrd)
Personality/about: To put it simply, Tsukimono is kind of a laid back badass who loves to cause a bit of mischief. When opened, his eyes hold a piercing gaze that seem to see right through to your soul. Slightly sadistic, really smug, and has a really big soft spot for Japanese sweets, especially mochi (strawberry flavored) and taiyaki! The necklace he wears is really special, it's a type of rosary that wards off (or holds back) demonic powers, when removed, he becomes a bit crazy, and more chaos driven than usual. He loves to collect butterflies, and each month, on the full moon, he releases the still living butterflies so that they may pass on into the afterlife. The butterflies which are as lucky to make it, wind up pinned to his wall, displaying the beauty of several different butterflies he has collected over time. He really doesn't do much, he likes to trigger a cause and effect line, then sit back with a cup of coffee (or maybe some sake) and watch what troubles he has caused unfold.

While he is a bit of a trouble maker, Tsukimono is a BIG nerd, especially in the gaming department. If you look, he actually wears a Goron bracelet from the Ocarina of Time. He can get really competitive when it comes to games, but it's one way to really make him sit back and actually get along with people, either that, or find a common interest that they share.

Grim absolutely loves Mythology, and even more so Demonology. He loves reading and hearing about the different stories and lore that surrounds all different areas around the world, this causes him to travel A LOT. He will collect different butterflies from each region he visits as well. A good way to get him to go out and adventure/explore more than he already does, is tell him the stories of the area, he LOVES to try and find out the reasoning behind the stories that surround the areas.

He loves to read, mostly sticking to the more macabre, dark, grim, and books of surrounding those genres.

(more to be added later, here's just the general stuff)

Best Friends:
Chesh (Vennekin) - prank and gaming buddy, always at each other's throats, but still amazing friends!
Ellis (PixByrd) - MATE - exploring and adventuring partner!

Memoca (werewoIfies)
Miya (Lexyrox)
Minou (HanniBuns)
Miko (MischievousRaven)
Mika (R-e-q-u-i-em)
Ginny (Maonii)
Noah (cutetoboewolf)

Zhu Xiong (Pandapalz)
Toshiro (DarkMoonShadowz)

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A special thanks to Skullying for the custom line art that I used to design this
and to Fucal for helping me come up with a fan design XD

The design is done by and belongs to me!!!!

(omg omg omg belliko called my design amazing squeeeeee)
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