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Here's the basics of the Myth about Solstice. I know it's not all finished and NO this isn't meant to be canon, but it's one way to look at it from another point of view since there are so many in our world. So why not have a few in the pony world as well? Doesn't hurt.

Solstice is the Deity that represents the rebirth of the Sun God Solaris. She also brings on the longest day of the year from 12AM December 21st to 11:59PM Decemeber 31st. Solstice was in no position of power but she bought on the birth of Celestia and Luna through the last winter solstice when her wheel grinded to a stop on the final day of the event. Celestia was born taking the place of her father in the duties of raising the sun, being his reincarnation or him being "reborn" so to speak. Luna was born as well in hopes to keep balance among the day and night.

She hides her presence in a palace at the highest point in the sky in slumber only to awaken in the Yule time to watch her spinning wheel closely as is slows down towards the days of the Winter Solstice, and waits till it halts at the end of it. Once the day of the end of the Winter Solstice arrives, the day after, January 1st, she spins her wheel again & returns to her long sleep.

Like the other alicorns, she is supposedly immortal, just with a lot longer of a life span than the ones after her. It is also said that her many days of sleep for so many years is what's kept her alive for so long.

When Celestia & Luna's reign comes to an end, a new God or Goddess of the Sun will arise to take Celestia's place, as will a new embodiment of the moon to take Luna's. After the rebirth of the sun and moon once more, Solstice returns to slumber, and be in hiding for many more centuries to come.

Whenever she wants to visit the ponies of Equestria, she appears on the last day of the year as an aging mare or a young filly. Little is known of her appearance in either form, but the myths say her hair is either long and silver, or greyish blue and braided.

As for her existence,
It's is not completely known, even by Celestia herself; and only Luna has seen her silhouette in her dreams each night on Dec. 31st.

In pony mythology, she is mentioned a few times as the bringer of hope and dreams and has gone by many names; Yule, Etro & Shiva are only a few. In the book Predictions and Prophecies there is an article on her. A few poetic passages in the book read,

"The bringer of rebirth, hopes, & dreams, the sun arises once again, in the sky it beams. The lunar child shall be redeemed, when a 1000 years of sadness has been foreseen."

"The Goddess of sun & moon, the Deity of life & and doom,
Be not in her wrath, and it will open up the bless-ed path."

"On the days of yuel, no wheels must spin. Her grace and honor, we strive to be within.
If we disgrace the Goddess that brought us the day and night, she will bring misfortune till the yule's last light."

Other passages have been written inside the article, but are too weathered to read or pieces have been mysteriously torn away.

I honestly doubt this is any good, but I've been reading up on Gods and Goddesses of winter.

1. The benevolent goddess who spins the wheel marking the solstice is Holda.

2. The Winter Solstice itself was thought to bring the rebirth of the sun gods.

3. Yule is the goddess of the winter solstice in Wicca and Pagan belief I think?

4. Etro is a goddess of death in the Valhalla, which is a land in the realms of the afterlife, and resides on the shores of the seas of chaos. This is where Etro watches over the souls of the dearly departed. I think Etro ties in with Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology.

5. Yuel/Yeul is simply the name of the constantly reincarnated Seeress with the power to see the prophecies of the future.

6. Shiva is the god of ice and snow/ice and water. He's re-embodied as the twin sisters Styria and Nix in FFXIII.

I have a simple short explination on the theory of alicorns.

Think about it, it seemed like from the beginning Celestia and Luna were alone, the only two Alicorns in all of the world when their life began. Why do you think that was?(DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION)

Anywho. I believe that up till the corrination of Princesses Cadence and Twilight, Celestia's so called "Father and mother" with the help of Solstice, couldn't bear children, and weren't buried or seen dead by the sisters because they were "reborn" into Celestia and Luna, passing on their abilities to raise/lower the sun and the moon.
Not to mention as a side note, Celestia and Luna never seem to have any knowledge of ever having a father OR mother in the first place. Fan artists just made them happen because that's how people wanted it.
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