MangaJLA: Secret Identities 2 Picture

Final Version of the Alter Egos of the Manga JLA!
I decided to revisit the origins of the characters from the perspective of the alias this time.

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Left to right: Rei Tanaka (Flash), Megami Mikoto (Wonder Woman), Kento Kuroki (Superman), Komori Watanabe (Batman), Kaizena Arata (Aquaman), Harinezumi "Hari" Jouon (Green Lantern)

Rei Tanaka
Alter Ego: Flash [link]
Aliases: The Scarlet Speedsuit, The Man of Tomorrow (co-title holder), Fastest Man Alive, Sultan of Speed
Occupation: Physicist, Hypercrime Task Force Liaison
Base of Operations: Chuuoutokai Province
Affiliations: Project Kenesis, Chuuoutokai Police Department; Hyper Crime Taskforce Division
Known Relatives: Shinjo Tanaka(father, deceased), Issouku(brother), Belle Garrick(sister-in-law), Nishimaru, Kosouku(nephews).
Romantic interest: Ayame Kaiganishi (Iris West), Chilali Kainoa (Captain Cold), Rowena Mercer (Captain Boomerang), Hikaru Wakabayashi (Suizen Shakuhachi "Pied Piper"), Samantha Alexis McCulloch (Mirror Mistress), Jessalyn "Jaye" Garrick (Quick)
Secret Abilities: Hypersuit technology harnesses the energies of the other-dimensional Speed Force, granting the suit's pilot the ability to move at superhuman speed, increased reaction time, incredible stamina allowing, him to run long distances without tiring, as well as the ability to think at a superhuman rate to match his movements. Suit also has an array of Hyper Weapons.
Anime Inspiration: Tech suit wearers.

Rei's dad was a scientist named Shinjo Tanaka who worked on a top secret project that was codenamed: Mercury, as well as the hypersuit that his team built to harness the "speedforce" energies he had discovered. The pilot was an old friend of Shinjo's, Maximillian J. Garrick. Shinjo's wife passed away suddenly, and he was left with no one to care for his two children. Since so much of his time was devoted to the project, the scientist moved his boys, Issouku and Rei onto the facility site. Max and his wife Joan also moved into the compound which housed the development of Project: Mercury with their two daughters, Annabelle and Jessalyn. Annabelle nursed a crush on Issouku, while younger siblings Rei and "Jessie" fought constantly. On one of Max's adventures as Mercury with the Tanakas and his own girls, Jessie almost lost her life and wound up in the hospital. This led to Max and Joan divorcing. She got full custody of Jessalyn, but "Belle" was old enough to decide which parent she wanted to live with, and as she couldn't bear being away from Issouku, she chose her dad. Jessie's care was transferred to a special facility overseas. Eventually, Issouku and Rei added their intellect to the team. Rei, lost interest in the project, and slacked off frequently. Eventually, Issouku was named head of the project and married Belle. Rei quit the project to pursue his own interests. He took up a string of random jobs selected strictly for his own enjoyment. The new financial benefactors to the project, now named Kenesis, pushed for the development of a new hypersuit. At some point thereafter, there was a proliferation of hyper technology on the black market. a hyper crime-wave started in their city, the members of the project were restricted from cooperating with the police, as it would mean divulging top secret info about the project, so the authorities were forced to find someone versed on the subject that wasn't affiliated with the project. That's when they went to Rei Tanaka. he was recruited to work with the crime lab in the newly devised Hyper Crime Division. The team consisted of Tina McGee, Julio Mendez, and Hunter Zolomon, working alongside handpicked detectives and officers led by Lt. Nicholas Pike. Although he has a blatant disrespect for authority, and a tendency of disappearing and doing things his own way, Rei was instrumental in helping the taskforce trace the stolen tech to his brother. After this, he decides to stay on with the taskforce until all of the black market tech is reclaimed. His antics often gets on the nerves of his co workers, especially Pike, but his skills are vital to dealing with the Hypertech crime wave.

- I named Flash Rei Tanaka, after an alternate earth flash introduced in Crisis on Infinite Earths that operated out of Japan.
- I patterned his time living and adventures at Project: Mercury on Johnny Quest and Venture Brothers.
- The Man of Tomorrow was a charity race for super speedsters that he participated in with Superman between Man of Steel Tournaments.
- Julio (from the Flash tv series) and Tina are the only ones who find Rei's qualities endearing. Julio becomes his best friend.
Rei's personality is patterned on Shawn Spencer from USA networks' Psych...I guess that makes Julio, Gus. Julio knows his secret and often covers for him.
- Pike is also from the TV series.
- I decided to give Rei green eyes, like the Barry Allen of Young Justice, instead of blue like the comics.
- Not all of the Hyper technology on the black market harnesses speedforce energy. some harness other forms of energy.
- There are some people who have vehicles powered with hyper technology such as; The Dark Riders, Johnny Rancid, Roxy Rocket, Overdrive, Steamroller, and Ding Dong Daddy.

Megami Mikoto
Alter Ego: Wonder Woman [link]
Aliases: Princess of the Amazonian Nation of Onogoroshima, Wondergirl of Truth, The Ambassador,
Occupation: Student; Major: Political Science
Base of Operations: Marston Academy for Gifted Young Ladies ; Kanmonshi, Japan
Affiliations: Amazon Nation, Wonder Girls (Honor Guard of Wondrous Women)
Known Relatives: Aikikane Mikoto (foster mother), Akihiro Mikoto (foster father); Queen Hippolytia of Onogoroshima (mother), Bishamon god of war (father), Kichijoten (godmother)
Romantic interest: Steven Trevor Milton, Flight School Instructor.
Secret Abilities: Amazonian fighting skills, enhanced strength and durability, mystical scepter can transform into any of the mystical weapons used by the god of war
Anime Inspiration: Sailor Moon

Megami is no normal schoolgirl. She is a straight-A student on the Dean's List, a member of the school's Tournament Chess Team, founder of the school's Intramural Sports Club (that trains with the various sports teams at the school), and she is applying to the neighboring flight school academy training program( hoping to learn how to pilot on the prototype LexCorp LXT-5 subsonic intermediate trainer aircraft). She is a recent transfer to the prestigious private school, The Marston Academy for Gifted Young Ladies. As an incoming sophomore, she tries to make the adjustment to a new school, but it isn't as easy as she thought it would be. She stays busy with activities as she is trying to maintain her multiple scholarships to the very expensive school. Her Headmistress, Dr. Dana Milton is extremely strict, and seems to have a special interest in Megami and is ready to expel her as soon as an opportunity presents itself. She has a classmate that it seems goal is to make her life a living hell as well. Greta Von Gunther is the leader of a troupe of "mean girls" who harass Megami at every opportunity. Headmistress Milton's foster son, Steve is a flight instructor at the neighboring Aviation program that Megami hopes to get into. Her family is financially strained due to her mom's ongoing fight with cancer. When Megami isn't at school, or volunteering at the local women's shelter, she is helping her mother with her medical issues. Her dad left when her mom got sick, and was around so little before that, that she barely remembers him. She dreams every night of palaces and princesses. Although she tends to have some issues with naiveté and social awkwardness, she is a bright, independent young girl with an enormous capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. She has an unbridled passion for finding the truth. Megami has aspirations to become a United Nations Ambassador, and sees her time at the Marston Academy as a journey of finding herself within the various activities and clubs, and feels that through them, "she's learning how to be a team player and work within a group." She's a very strong, driven girl, who's sometimes a little misunderstood. She feels a strange connection to some of the other girls at her school, but they just think she is bossy and weird.

- Kanmon(gateway) - shi(city; civil service) = Gateway City
- William Moulton Marston is the creator of the Wonder Woman character. Decided to name her all-girls school after him. Made it all girls to pay homage to her Amazonian heritage.
- The Isle of Onogoroshima is from Japanese mythology. It was created by Izanami and Izanagi. It was her that they consummated their celestial union. It is consecrated ground.
- Megami translates as goddess. She was named this in honor to her godmother, Kichijoten.
-Her hair and glasses are borrowed from Bleach character Nanao Ise. Decided her default look would be a schoolgirl. I also wanted all the girls to wear the same uniform, but differently enough to have their individual personalities show through.
- When Megami joins the flight school, Steve will be her trainer. Her "callsign" will be, Princess. Steve's will be Eros (after the god of Love...chicks dig him).
- The jets they train with are modeled after the XT-4 jet that the Japan Self Defense Force uses, as well as the aerial stunt team, Blue Impulse. ...of course with upgrades.
- Steve is good friends with another of the flight instructors; Travis Morgan, callsign: "Warlord". His trainee will be Megami's school nemesis, Greta Von Gunther, callsign: "Striker".
- I decided to add the flight school to introduce Steve, and give her the skill she will need to pilot her famous invisible jet. The Jet will be one of the missing artifacts that was stolen.
- There will be other famous dc character pilots in the flight school as well.
- The "parents" of the Wondergirls in their secret identities are actually the Amazonian soldiers known as The Circle; Alkyone (Megami), Charis (Amaya), Myrto (Tsukiko), and Philomela (Katsumi) . Formerly loyal to Queen Hippolytia, they were imprisoned for plotting to kill Princess Megami as an infant. They hinder their respective charges by restricting them with activities, punishments, or familial obligations.
- I decided to have Akikane struggle with cancer due to Alkyone's baldness.
- An old homeless woman that Megami meets in the shelter recognizes her as her "Princess", but she believes her to be mentally ill. This woman will be to one to help her unlock her power.

Kento Kuroki
Alter Ego: Superman [link]
Aliases: Kura-Ku, The Man of Steel, The Man of Tomorrow (co-title holder), Captain Super
Occupation: Journalist for Himashi Wakusei Shinbun (Daily Planet Newspaper), Martial Arts competitor
Base of Operations: Kyoshigai, Japan
Affiliations: "S"-Fighters, Man of Steel Martial Arts Tournament
Known Relatives: Junichi and Mariko Kuroki (adopted parents); Jora-Ku and Alara (Kryptonian birth parents, deceased), Songoh-Ku (grandfather, deceased), Kaori (cousin)
Romantic interest: Chiomi Suzukawa (Chloe Sullivan), Lana Leiko (Lana Lang), Lotus Ling (Lois Lane)
Secret Abilities: Solar charged super-strength and durability, flight and chi control. intergalactic martial arts mastery.
Anime Inspiration: Son Goku of Dragonball Z

Raised by rice paddy farmers in Komakaitoshi, Japan, young Kento Kuroki was trained in meditation techniques and Buddhist philosophies by a nearby monk. He became friends with a scrappy youngster named Pedoro Roppongi (Pete Ross) , that lived nearby. As Kento was mild mannered and non-violent due to his teachings, he was always a target for resident bully, (Whitney). The fact that Kento was highly accident prone didn't help things. Although small, Pedoro would always jump to defend Kento from bullies. Kento, in turn would teach Pedoro some of the combat techniques that his monk instructor taught him that he never used. The Kurokis also repaid his kindness by feeding the young boy and letting him stay over whenever he desired. When he turned ten, Kento found out some things about his past that his parents had kept hidden from him, and decided to go on a journey to retrieve some items that would help him find out more about who he was. Pedoro decided that he couldn't let his best friend go out into the world without him, so the two set off. On their journey they meet up with other children that would help them along the way; the youngest LuthorCorp Labs research intern, Chiomi Suzukawa (Chloe Sullivan) , shinto priestess in training, Lana Leiko (Lana Lang) , and occasionally an extraordinarily strong boy in a blue gi named, Kura-Ku. Kura-Ku would constantly show up, seemingly out of nowhere, and save them from one threat or another. Alot of the time, he would save Kento after he had another one of his famous accidents. Eventually, they would wind up at LuthorCorp Labs, and neither Kento nor Kura-Ku would be able to prevent Pedoro from losing his life. Kento would find what he had been, searching for, but lose his best friend in the process. Pedoro died as he had lived, protecting his one true friend. Kento would return with Lana and Chiomi to Komokaitoshi and spend the rest of his youth acquiring an education and helping his parents on the rice paddy farm. After he grew up, he travelled to Kyoshigai. There, he met journalist, Lotus Ling at the annual Man of Steel Martial Arts Tournament as a protester. She was there reluctantly covering the event for her newspaper. on a previous assignment, she went against her editor's direct orders and exposed a major contributor to the paper. her story didn't hold up, and as a result, the paper had to print its first ever retraction. as punishment, her editor transferred her to the sports division and made her made her cover the tournament as punishment. She is totally turned off by one of the stars of the tournament and sarcastically calls him Superman when she rejects his advances. the name sticks and when he wins, her editor assigns her to find out more on this martial arts champion. she runs into Kento again attempting to get the exclusive on the competitor who had begun to use his free time offering his assistance to the citizens of Kyoshigai in need. Kento revealed to her that he believed he could help her gain her exclusive interview, as the man she was looking for just may be the miraculous boy from his youth. Armed with this knowledge and the fact that she was so impressed with his views and message of non violence, she convinced her editor to let her take him on as a consultant as she covers other martial arts events. He eventually works his way up to having his own column in the paper, and then an investigative journalist alongside Ling.

-Kento's hair and glasses obscuring his face makes it more plausible for people to not make the connection between him and Superman.
- Komakai(small)- toshi(town, city) = Smallvile; Kyo(big, large, great)- shigai(urban area, city) = Metropolis
- Chiomi = Bulma, Pedoro = Kid Krillin, Lana = Kid Chi-Chi, Lotus = Adult Chi-Chi, Kura-Ku = Kid Goku
- Kento's early adventures are based on Dragonball, as his adult ones are based on DBZ.
- I'm basing young Kura-Ku's design on a mix of kid Goten/ Goku Jr. He wears an outfit similar to the one he wears now, minus the S symbol and the cape.
- Kura-Ku uses the identity of Kento to get close to Lotus because when she expressed such distaste for his actions as a fighter, believing him to be nothing more than a self aggrandizing, violent, neanderthal.
- Lotus is highly skilled in martial arts, thanks to her dad (who is a famous Chinese general), but she hated how he forced her to be a WuShu competitor in her youth, and as a result abhors martial arts competitions.
- The contributor that Lotus tried to expose is the equivalent of Bruno Manheim.
- Lana was attracted to young Kento, but whenever she would get close, he would get physically ill. Unbeknownst to all that the necklace she wore was made from a shard of kryptonium.

Komori Watanabe
Alter Ego: Batman [link]
Aliases: The Dark, Shadow of the Bat, The Dark Knight, Batclan Shinobi Clan Leader, Sensei,
Occupation: Noble of Goth-Ahm Prefecture
Base of Operations: Goth-Ahm Prefecture; Hitoshirenu, Japan
Affiliations: Batclan, League of Shadows(former member)
Known Relatives: Tomihiro and Mariko Watanabe (parents, deceased)
Romantic interest: Shouri Sawa (Vicki Vale), Oiwa (Two-Face), Shiori Kawaii (Catwoman), Tsuyomi (Talia)
Secret Abilities/Weapons: Master of Ninja arts of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu and ninja weapons; Samurai skills, expert detective; avatar of A-Koumoriyasha, Demon Bat of Mt. Goth-Ahm
Anime Inspiration: Kakashi Hatake of Naruto

Born to nobles, Tomihiro and Mariko Watanabe, their newborn son was named after the legendary Demon Bat that was rumored to dwell in the mountain that their massive estate was built into. After the brutal assassination of his parents at the hands of masked ninja, and the attempt on his life, Komori was assumed dead as he went into hiding in order to save his life. He resurfaced years later to reclaim his estates and familial home. The Nobles of Goth-Ahm Prefecture, decided to throw a gala to welcome the young noble back to his home. Many of the houses wished to introduce their daughters to him in hopes of them marrying into his wealth. However, his irresponsible, superficial , self absorbed behavior and blatant womanizing tendencies overshadowed his acts of generosity and turned many of the parents off (although having quite the opposite effect on many of the daughters for the potential suitor). One of these acts was to employ and aged, disgraced samurai, Akifumi Takaharu who had a dilapidated dojo at the base of Mount Goth-Ahm. Although this was the practice of noble families of the past, this particular swordsman didn't quite look up to the task. The other nobles mocked him as he didn't even carry a real sword. instead, he carried a wooden training sword called a boken. They felt that Watanabe was being charitable at the same time of trying to come off as being affluent, as before the imperial draft of samurai into military service, they used to be commissioned by the houses of the wealthiest nobles. During the event, another attempt was made on his life. Ninja Assassins crashed the gala looking to claim the last heir of the Watanabe fortune. Komori's lack of honor and bravery showed as he fled from his attackers, leaving his guests to their mercy to save his own hide. This act of cowardice turned off the majority of the other ladies waiting to get to know Goth-Ahm's prodigal son. The old samurai tried to hold off the home invaders as long as he could. the assassins were stopped by the sudden appearance of the shinobi known as The Batman. With the threat to his life still potentially existing, Komori enlists the protection of the newly formed Batclan until his safety can be assured.

- Original artist effektdmentality named Batman Buru-Su Wein in his original notes. I wasn't fond of the phonetic interpretation of Bruce's name, and chose to revise it. There aren't many (if any) authentic male Japanese names that start with B that I could find, so I named him Komori (which means bat). I justified this as, his parents identified that their ancestral home was connected to the legend of the demon bat due to its location on Mt. Goth Ahm. Watanabe was chosen for his last name as it shared four out of five of the same letters in Wayne, and in the same sequence.
- Komori will publically spend time with yūjo (prostitutes) to discourage lady nobles from pursuing him romantically, allowing him to conduct his missions. He also does it to help support the girls, some of whom are grown Lost Children that he lived with on the street as a youth.
- Decided to make Akifumi (Alfred) an employee that Komori hires for status more than anything else as he shows absolutely no signs of wanting to learn kendo or bushido. I felt this was more fitting than manservant.
- when Akifumi was decommissioned, he was banned from brandishing samurai steel.
- The three young shinobi that he turned down to be sensei of all show up at the same time to the fight to help deal with the assassins. they show skill, but also get in each other's way. Kaitsuki is the one that suggests them forming their own clan.
- There are a series of interconnecting caves that are present throughout Mount Goth-Ahm. These are referred to the Clan as The Batcaves. As the mountain is where A-Koumoriyasha was sealed, he has free reign within them. he has over the years set traps and stashed many secret items. As he feels the clan honors him by instilling fear of him throughout the land (and sometimes facilitate his temporary freedom from his prison), he eventually shares some of these lost herbs, minerals, and acquired items to help them on their missions.
- A-Koumoriyasha translates as "demon bat"
- A-Koumoriyasha would usually toy with victim who were fool enough to enter into the caves of Mt. Goth-Ahm and keep them there until they died in one of his traps, starvation, or he got bored and ate them. Komori was the first to escape (although it took years to do so), and in respect to his skill, he gave him the Mark of the Bat, which gives him all access. Every member of the Batclan must undergo a similar ritual, lest they be subjected to the Demon Bat's mercy.
- Komori acquires a wild horse that replaces his Batmobile. She is sadistically reminiscent of Tornado from the Mask of Zorro. Robin refers to her as Bat-Steed, but eventually Komori names her Kokutaniato (Ebon Night).
- anyone attempting to bear his mark without consent, will spur the demon bat to breach the seal and devour them, even though it causes him considerable pain to do so. leaving the caves for too long will kill him.
- I used elements of characters from the anime, Basilisk for Komori's outfit.
- Red-Rum 13 suggested calling the part of Japan where Goth-Ahm is located, The Hidden Regions, due to their lack of advancement in technology, keeping it more like feudal Japan than modern. He also suggested the name Hitoshirenu (hidden) as the name of their independent nation in the Batman Beyond era. I've incorporated both as official mdcu canon. Hitoshirenu is what the inhabitants refer to the region as. Their existence is not common knowledge to the outside world...yet.

Kaizen Arata
Alter Ego: Aquaman [link]
Occupation: Fisherman; assistant (nakanori) to master fisherman (ushō)
Aliases: Sword of Atlantis, Prince of Atlantis, High King of the Seven Seas
Base of Operations: Sasuyousha Fishing village, Japan
Affiliations: Seven Sea Samurai
Known Relatives: Orin (grandfather, deceased), Kordax (great-uncle, deceased), Atlan (father, deceased), Orm (brother), Umiko (niece), Otohime (betrothed).
Romantic interest: Keiko (daughter of master fisherman), Otohime
Secret Abilities/Weapons: Wielder of The Sword of Atlantis, which grants mastery of Water Element manipulation through mystic art of Waterweaving. Trident of Poseidon gives ability to summon, as well as control over all sea creatures.
Anime Inspiration: Samurai Seven

Kaizen showed up just in time to save a village girl from being mauled to death by a wild animal. He carried her unconscious naked body back to the Sasuyousha fishing village she hailed from. Her family thanked him by offering him food and shelter, what little they had. Her grandfather however didn't appreciate the presence of the silent gaijin, nor did he trust his motives. The girl, Keiko, insisted that he had been nothing but honorable, and her family owed him a debt for saving her life. Her grandfather, however felt that not only had she been violated by his seeing her naked, but her betrothed had ended their arranged marriage, which would have spared her family from poverty. The family business was fishing, but that was becoming more and more sparse in their area. With the combination of water pollution due to industrial toxins, chemical runoff from fertilizers and insecticides, and the encroaching of enormous corporate fishing fleets, the village fish supply had been severely depleted. This had forced Keiko's grandfather, old man Arata, to attempt to expand his craft into deeper waters. Arata-san was (amongst other crafts) a master Ukai fisherman, or more commonly referred to as an Ushō. He hoped to feed what was left of his village by placing the remainder of his savings into purchasing a seaworthy craft that would take him out into deep enough waters where he could fish and hopefully locate a legendary location where he could find the rarest of fish. No one wanted to join Ushō Arata-san on what they thought was not only a fool's errand, but a suicide mission. The young men of the village all agreed to work for the former fiancé of Keiko, who owned one of the largest corporate fleets. Arata-san was now stuck with a boat and no crew, until Kaizen agreed to join him. The agreement that was struck was that Kaizen would work off the dowry that the family lost when the engagement was ended. Kaizen was given the title of nakanori, an ushō's assistant. This position was usually kept in the family, as were the ukai fishing secrets, which he decided to teach to him as well as they prepared to get the boat sea worthy. eventually, they took to the sea, and dealt with many difficulties, but prevailed. They even came across pirates and devious members of the corporate fleet who tried to sink them. Each time, Kaizen had defended them with astounding skill. They found a secluded area where they were catching fantastical fish that neither had ever seen before. The rare fish would sell to the rich for amazing amounts of money. The money went back to the village and upgrading the boat. Eventually they found that the fish were actually from another realm travelling to theirs through the legendary Sankakuno Ryu Kaijou (Dragon's Triangle Pathway; Dragon's Gate) , and while they were fishing for their usual catch of fantastical fish, the pirates and the corporation showed up. During a skirmish, kaizen got knocked overboard and the gate actually expanded and sucked all three ships into it. The combined crews woke up on an island and after briefly fighting amongst themselves, found out they were not alone on the island. after fighting for survival, Kaizen actually found an ancient key, almost as if he were looking for it. They two made it off the island with a few of the villagers that went corporate and a few surviving pirates. They were able to get on Arata-san's boat and sail back to the portal but couldn't figure out how to get it to take them back. Kaizen reached in the sack that he always carried with him and pulled out a sword. He stuck the ornate blade in the water and after moving it around in a strange pattern, the portal opened and took them back to the sea where they originated. Keiko's ex had stolen a weapon from one of their pursuers against Kaizen's protests. He challenged Kaizen for the sword he had been hiding as well as any other treasure he had in that bag of his. the two fought, but the Kaizen was exhausted from saving the lives of the survivors from their pursuers and getting them back to where they had started. When he was about to strike Kaizen, the old man stepped in front and took the blow. Kaizen, enraged, fought back knocking him over the edge. While he was in the water, a tentacle reached up and dragged him back through the smaller opening that the exotic fish had been swimming through. they made it back to shore, just in enough time for Arata-san to say goodbye to his wife and granddaughter. Kaizen stayed for the funeral, and when Keiko asked if he would take over the newly established business, six strangers appeared by the sea. Kaizen kissed the girl, changed into the gleaming armor that he had been keeping in the sack he carried, and walked into the sea with the strangers.

- Sasu (reef) - yousha (mercy) = Mercy Reef.
- Arata-san = Arthur Curry Sr., Keiko = Kako (mother of Koryak, Aquaman's son in mainstream continuity)
- Kaizen learned Japanese from spending time with the airbreathers. It didn't take him long to master the language.
- Ukai fishing is normally passed down from father to son. Since Arata-san was willing to teach it Kaizen, it meant that he considered him one. As such, Kaizen took to using Arata as his surname to honor him.
- The Dragon's Triangle is a real world location in the sea near Japan. It is similar in legend to the Bermuda Triangle. I chose to link it to the legend of the Dragon Gate that I introduced in the Heroes: Fire in the Sky story which debuted Firestorm. It is a different gate than Captain X and Witch Doctor Mid-Nite took to get to the realm of Dragons.
- The island that Kaizen wound up on may have some significance in the future...
- Kaizen always intended to locate the Sankakuno Ryu Kaijou in order to locate the key. What he didn't expect was to have so much company with him when he did it.
- The other Sea Samurai were locating other keys while Kaizen was in Sasuyousha. The apprentices were on a separate mission together at the time as well.
- Kaizen didn't want to draw attention to himself as being a Swordbearer, as there were still legends on the surface world about their weapons from before the Great Sinking. He didn't want to alert anyone to the possibility that Atlantis, or any of the Cities survived.

Harinezumi "Hari" Jouon
Alter Ego: Green Lantern [link]
Aliases: The Emerald Dawn, Protector of Sector 2814
Occupation: Research Scientist at Light Tech
Base of Operations: Rikushigai City, Japan
Affiliations: Spectrum Lantern Corps, SLC Honor Guard
Known Relatives: Haru Jouon (father, deceased)
Romantic interest: Hideki Hamado (Hector Hammond), Tom Kalmaku
Secret Abilities/Weapons: Alien hard light construct generating tech suit
Anime Inspiration: Power Rangers

When she was born, her parents named her Harinezumi (porcupine) because of her spiky hair. She had a very close relationship with her father, Haru. She would eventually show her aptitude in scientific research, by following her father's footsteps and replacing him at the R&D facility, LightTech after his fatal car accident. After college, she was recruited by his old partner, Atsuo Sakanoue, who she grew up calling "Uncle". He and her father joined the company together. They were working on top secret cutting edge technology, rivaling competitor, LexCorp Labs. Upon joining LightTech, she starts off working with her Uncle Atsuo and quickly moves up and is rewarded for her breakthroughs with her own lab. Hari is very introverted, and feels most comfortable in a lab. In her division, she is joined by scientists Hector Hammond, Martin Nodell, and engineer Tom Kalmaku. Hammond aspires to be Kaoru Ferris' boyfriend, feelings that are not initally reciprocated by Ferris. He attempts to make her jealous by flirting with Hari, who isn't used to such attention. Ferris is the Executive Research Laboratory Manager of LightTech, including Hari's division. She administers all the activities crucial for the work of the various research laboratories. This includes policy-making, machine maintenance, dealing with safety issues and although rare, external collaboration. The owner of the company, Nestor Oishi is a reclusive billionaire with a skin condition that makes him allergic to light. No one has ever seen him in person, and whenever they video conference with him, he is shrouded in darkness. He built this lab to help research light in order to find a way to help his condition. It was this that led Sakanoue to the firm, as he believed he could use the research to help his son, and possibly figure out things about the suit his secret alien lover helped him build. One day, Atsuo makes a breakthrough in regards to light transmission, and Mr. Oishi decreed that the entire company celebrate this new discovery that he would host. Hari ignored the directive and continued researching. When she found some barricades to her inquiries, she hacked the system through a backdoor and found access to an encrypted file. She decrypted it and discovered the location of a secret laboratory with only the designation "OA" attached to it. As she was deciding what to do with her discovery, she was surprised from behind by Martin. She chided him for sneaking up on her, as he asked why she wasn't enjoying the festivities, he saw her discovery. He tried to convince her to be adventurous and when she declined, he went to inspect the hidden lab. She followed him to stop him from getting himself fired, but he already got through the door. They found the collaboration of all of the labs at light tech's research compiled into a bodysuit that had lens ports all over it glowing with green light. They saw other alien technology that was the basis of what they had apparently been reverse engineering for years. Martin tapped into the network and found another code that he had no clue of what it meant, "Sin-Es-Tro". at that point, robotic security sentries arrived and killed Martin. Hari walked in the room in time to see him die, alerting the sentries to her presence. They chased her through the lower levels of the complex until she wound up back in the room with the suit. Hari would next be seen outside the complex, alongside her co workers as they watched emergency services fight the fire that started from the explosion in the sub-basement. Some of them would tell how they saw what looked like a body hovering above them, bathed in green light that flew off before everyone got out.

- Riku(shore, coast) - shigai(urban area, city) = Coast City
- I chose to name Hari's dad, Haru, as it was similar to hers and Hal's.
- Martin Nodell was the name of the creator of the original Green Lantern.
- Hideki Hamado was exposed to an alien power source from the secret lab after the explosion. this will alter him at the cellular level.
- Hari's inner maverick shows itself when she's in her element, the lab. Outside of it she is very introverted. This is the opposite when she uses the suit, as she feels liberated.
- The initial power-on of the suit while she was wearing it channeled some of the Green energy into her system. This is why her hair and eyes turn green when she uses the suit. It also eliminates the necessity of a mask.
- After the suit powers up, it triggers an alert on the Guardian homeworld, Oa, prompting them to send Hanami's squad to retrieve the suit. When they arrive, they see the suit's memory has been wiped, and they must take it back to see if they can retrieve any of its memory to exonerate or exterminate Hari.
- After Hari returns from Oa, the building where she works is still under construction to repair the damage from the explosion. She goes back to work like nothing happened as the labs were closed up until then. She will have her first encounter with Sinestro after her return.
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