The Moon Picture

Come in close.


Because the closer you see, the easier it is to fool you.

What is magic?

Parlor trickery? Smoke and mirrors?

No...none of those things. In my opinion, magic is a form of deception, but made to inspire, marvel, and bring back good faith.

It is, by far, a sacred art form. Much more than you thought.

You see that magician? Good...keep your eyes on him. You'll never know what to expect.


The Moon - Things are not always what they seem

Also refers to the mythology of the Moon Rabbit of Aztec and East Asian folklore and Man in the Moon's assembling the Guardians.

There's not much fanart of Now You See Me on dA so I thought I might give it some justice with some of my own!

Now You See Me (c) Summit Entertainment

Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood (c) Willaim Joyce, Dreamworks
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