Mythology ~1 Picture

So I decided to redraw my characters as mythologically accurate as I could for them. I think they came out pretty good!


Wildfire - Daughter of Wind Rider and Little Leaf. She's a full on earth pony so she has a short tail, no fetlock, and normal hooves.

Scripta - Daughter of Berry Splash and Paint Splash. Embraced her full on unicorn features except for her cloven hooves which are normal thanks to her earth pony father.

Berry Brush - More earth pony than unicorn, Scripta's little brother has the fetlock and beard of a unicorn, which he only has because he's male, and part unicorn.

Night Wing - Son of Princess Luna and Swirling Star, he's a full-blooded alicorn. He, of course, has wings, a short tail, like an earth pony, and the fetlock, cloven hooves, and beard of a unicorn. He's the only prince with the unicorn beard.

Moon Shadow - Son of Princess Celestia and Discord, he's part alicorn, part draconequus, but he's more draconequus than anything. You can see his one normal hoof, and the other cloven hoof on his back leg, though you can't see it in this picture.


Comment when you fave, please!

By the way, sorry for the incredibly poor quality, but I had to take this with my ipad, sadly, and the quality is horrendous, and shitty as fuck.
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