Hoqikep: Different Dogs Picture

The Sun Dogs have a secondary form, that of a horse, which they can change voluntarily to during the day, but must change into at night. (The Moon Gods don't like the Sun Dogs.) This is all heavily based on Native American mythology and etymology; many words for "horse" translate to "dog", such as the Iroquois ponokomita or "big elk dog". Sun Dogs are the offspring of a Trickster Goddess, so having a form that would allow them to sneak and spy is right up their alley. Not to mention a more mundane form that doesn't scream "I AM A GOD" would also help.
The Dogs still reflect their colors; red is bay, yellow is palomino, brown is chestnut, blue is blue roan, and black.
I'm still messing around with brushes and narrowing them down. Also felt like drawing foals.
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