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Jubula Letti- Maned owl

Venus- The Lover, The Deceptive, The Watcher

artists comments

This was a difficult one mainly because i assumed that the myths of venus would be based on beauty peace etc and yet that seems to be only greek legends not the rest of the world which seem to want to keep venus' power under lock and key or to watch a continuos battle with her and a giant serpent god.

Myths and legends notes

in the image

- venus is often accidently thought to be ufo's or the like due to its brightness and tendency to look like its flickering

-Venus in Incan mythology believed it to be the watcher of the moon and partly its guardian

-The Mayan god of the wind the Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent) Kills venus in the west and revives her in the east

- Also in Mayan mythology the quetzal believed to be servants of The Quetzalcoatl are supposed to keep watch of venus

-Plants which are said to have meaning to venus is the rowan

-The symbol for venus is also the alchemical elemental symbol for copper

- the pentacle star is also a symbol for venus

-a circle is a symbol of venus due to its never ending cycle, most prominent are the circles of life and death

- The colours of venus are red and green

- in Medieval europe venus was seen as the dark side of love

-emerald is the jewel of venus

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