Age of Mythology TRL - Velite Picture

Velites are counter-archers available to the Romans in the Classical Age that provide good support for the Hastati. Though they have a slower attack speed and weaker armor, they are faster and cheaper than the Auxilia. Regardless, they will become obsolete once you reach the Heroic Age but can still come handy if you are short on resources. They also have a unique bonus against War Elephants.

Age: Classical
Trained at: Military Academy

Strong against: Archers, War Elephants
Weak against:
Cavalry and fast moving infantry


Cost: 50 wood 15 gold
Pierce Damage: 3
x2.5 vs archers
x2 vs War Elephants
x1.25 vs Throwing Axemen

Range: 14
Hitpoints: 50
Hack Armor: 10%
Pierce Armor: 15%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 4.60
Line of Sight: 16
Training Time: 9 seconds


Academy technologies

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