The Moon Stirs the Phoenix Picture

Last nights latest image 'The Moon Stirs the Phoenix'

The Fenghuang (ie the Chinese Phoenix) is a mythological bird of East Asia that reigns over all other birds. The phoenix came to symbolize the Empress when paired with a dragon as a dragon represented the Emperor. The phoenix represented power sent from the heavens to the Empress. If a phoenix was used to decorate something it symbolized that loyalty and honesty were with the owner.

A few years ago in China I bought this Chinese broadsword with the phoenix engraved on the blade for good luck. I haven't done much with it, but did a photoshoot with Kate a while back and we decided to use the sword as a prop for the shoot. The magic glow coming of the phoenix was put in post I'm afraid.

All up, I'm pretty happy how it turned out.

Model: Kate Eastoe shot by myself with a chinese broadsword
Background by Ashensorrow :[link]

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