Leucippides -- Ref Picture

Leucippides, a creature from the far south of A'gamia, the Eastern contininent of Nowamaea.

Rarn <-- leader/alpha

From Leucippus (mythology) a daughter who was turned into a son, and The White-Horse Maidens, or Leukippides, "The Leukippides (White-Horse Maidens) were named Phoibe (Lunar Bright) and Hilaeira (Softly Shining), names closely associated with the star-crowned Dioskouroi, divine horsemen who presided over the constellation Gemini. The words "hilaeira" and "phoibe" were also epithets of the moon-goddess Selene, who drove a two-horse biga through the sky." [link]

Leucippides and their design are mine.

Name Break Downs:
----- Casp -- eye, eyed, to look
----- Ash -- one, the singular (person, 'Ach' is a thing or human)
------ Arc -- dark, darkness, night (night time = arcer)
------ Ash -- one, the singular
------ Ba -- sun, day, (daytime = baer)
------ sun -- new, appear, rise
------ Ja -- ink, black, small shadows, e.g. Arcja = very dark night
------ r -- male, masculine [p = feminine])
------ gon (rare, unusual)
Whanr - Rarn
------ Whan -- Long legged, long stride
------ r -- male, masculine

------ Khi -- Sandy ground, earth, dusty
------ su -- blue, sky
------ p -- female, feminine

------ Grarn -- male fighter, strong male
------ hasu -- long day

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