Ever Ever After. Picture

Update( 09/03/2015) :I've made the head bigger, erased the black part on top of Kinse's behind so the proportion would look better. I made the crow's tail longer. And I added some flowers and grass under Kinse's right hind paw in the hope it would look like he just walked on them as suggested by Nupho (I failed it, but at least I tried to lol). Not easy when you don't have the .psd file anymore( thanks again so much to my dear external hard drive for letting me down after so many years, I lost so many artwork! ;_; ).

Update( 28/01/2015) :I've added a crow on the rock( yup, it was supposed to be a raven but seeing how the tail turned out it's more a crow now x)) and changed the size of the flowers nearer the viewers aswell as their contrast a bit. Really, this picture should not be changed anymore.
I've also added a few lines into this "artist's comment" about the story of this place.
*Big Head Birdie
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