Mythology Picture

...Some time later Orins eye caught a strange glint beneath him. He glanced down at his feet and and found there a small green crystal, which lay half buried in the ground.
He held it up and found that there was a soft pellucid glow emanating from it.
"You know," said the old hermit, pushing aside some bits of scorched metal to get a closer look at the crystal. Metal that could have been either a piece of the Mechone or the building which once housed his library; it was hard to distinguish any of the wreckage at this point.
"Crystals always remind me of Zeno's Paradox."
"How so?" Orin asked looking up at him and allowing him to examine the glassy splinter.
"They're truly indivisible..." the Hermit trailed off. He was cradling the small object in his hand as though he was holding something very precious.
"This is what was powering the machine?" He asked.
"Appearantly," Orin Replied, then asked
"What did you mean, though, about Zeno's paradox? I don't honestly see how crystals are an example of it."
"Maybe that isn't exactly what i mean." the Hermit replied, "You see... if you were to take a giant crystal and smash it to pieces, each individual piece would still retain all of the qualities of the original. You wouldn't be losing the original crystal... rather you would find yourself with a numerous amount of crystals that were just like the original, regardless of their size or shape. With the ability to do all of the things the original could do."
Orin suddenly remembered one of the history lessons he'd had while living inside the Mechone.
"You're him aren't you? You're the ancient skerpen't who refused to obey Kaosu?"
"No,... i'm not... i'm Rophaeos... as i was... in truth... all along." He looked around, "No reptilian servant of many. i am a man and i serve only 1."
"So is this the end of the story at long last?" Orin asked.
"No, no" the hermit laughed as though remembering some long forgotten joke,
"If i know Rionx, at all, it's only just now beginning..."

I nodded to myself,
"That seems about right."
I looked up from my story, out the window, and across the expanse of my unspecified alien moon where the Mechone and Icosahydraz were suspended in time like giant chess pieces. I watched one of them fall with a loud Krackoon.
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