Friday: Mythology Apollo Picture

Friday's Theme: Mythology!
This is the first part because it's day time here! I'll post the other one soon.
This is my favorite of all the days so far because I LOVE mythology. Call me a nerd or a geek, but I'll let you know you're on a computer and you're a *insert interest here* geek.

You can tell that i so took reference from Matantei Loki Ragnarok. Zuko's sitting on his wings as Apollo, god of prophecies, the sun, and etc. Yes, i did a complete cliche because Apollo is the sun god, and you can tell who Katara's gonna be drawn as.
Before you ask questions about INCEST, i do realize that Artemis is Apollo's sister. Hey, the Greek gods had kids with their own sisters! Apollo happens to be BI! So i dont see the problem with incest here. I'm only sure that Arty wouldn't let go of being a maiden goddess.
So the family tree gets [even more] screwed. That's the price I'm willing to pay for Zutara! I just angered the gods, they wish supreme punishment on me for this.

The sister to this piece *pun*:
Artemis Katara
The Original Piece:

I might actually color this and the other one!
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