'Kathleen's Natural Mythology'-Nilloufar Picture


Also known as 'the Equinox Dancer', Nilloufar was a kind-hearted, close friend of Sun's, who knew the star's lament caused by nothing but love. But their friendship began with the contrast of love.
Nilloufar was a beautiful girl with shiny lilac hair and strong feet being the best dancer required. So beautiful she was that all the lads longed to be hers. Here and there they walked on her trace, offering her all kinds of wealth and treats; but she accepted none. She could make a king a servant if she wished, but took much more pleasure in watching lovers die for her rather than being with one. She would smile at them, dance when they were around, and then leave the brokenhearted.

One day but Nilloufar strolled into the forest just to find it empty of blushing boys and pride-lost men. Confused, she took fast steps toward the ocean -where she would dance on water- to fetch for the reason why there were no admirers for once. And there she found the lads gathering on the shore, gaping at the blazing gold star that imprisoned their eyes; men and boys stared at Sun with a desirous ogle that seemed impossible to break. Rage overtook Nilloufar. She called them over but they could not hear, for Sun held much more mystery than her. At last Nilloufar left the shore, disappointed and full of grudge and enmity for golden-haired Sun. Why, she wondered, would they love a creation so cold with all her warmth; why love Sun who never smiled, danced, or even waved for them?

She decided to confront her finally when the incident kept reoccurring more than a whole week. At twilight of the eighth day, Nilloufar made her way to the shore only to find Sun sob despondently. Why cry, she asked, when you stole all the eyes from me; why cry when you have many lovers and could make any of them yours. 'All', sobbed the mournful Sun who cried blood and painted the sky in all colors. 'But the one I love.'
Sun then spoke to the dancer; she told her of the deep unfailing love she held for Moon, the Knight of the Night. She complained for the unfair the Nature had done to the two; he could not come when she was present, and she could rise only when her lover was already gone. Without him, her dawn was no dawn to her, and he could only have her light to shine, nothing more of his lover. Sun said that they only meet twice each year; at the time of the two Equinoxes, the beginning and the half-year one.

Hearing the morose story, Nilloufar soothed the sad beauty by telling her that the Autumnal Equinox was to come soon, and decided to become friends with her to put in mind the meaning of love, for Nilloufar had never known love in her turn. When the day came, when she saw the fast-running minutes with Sun and her Moon gazing at one another with so much passion that could not fit into words, Nilloufar began to dance for the two. She had finally found the meaning of love; though they could not touch, Sun and Moon loved like no one ever could: It was fair enough for them to see each other even if it meant more pain when the time ran out. Nilloufar had fallen in love; she was in love with the meaning of love.

For centuries Nilloufar kept dancing for and of noting but love. She became the favorite dancer of the Nature, second after the beautiful Anahita, and one night when she lied on her bed on the lake, and died in sleep, a flower bloomed in her place; it floated on the water and it was as dazzling as Nilloufar herself.
And the flower made the fine dancer immortal.
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