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well first allow me to share the Mythology of my Country, the Philippines... ahem a little introduction

The deities of Philippine mythology are the gods, goddesses and diwatas worshiped by ancient Filipinos before the Christianization of the natives after the Spanish conquest of the Philippines. While not as widely known as its European and Asian counterparts, they have similar elements and characteristics when compared to other mythologies.

Ancient Philippine mythology varies among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. Some tribes during the pre-Spanish era believed in a single supreme being alongside with the lesser divinities who created the world and everything in it while others chose to worship a multitude of trees as an act of anmism. Below are some of the gods and goddesses of the various ancient Philippine tribes:

The art here represent one of the most renowned gods and goddesses during the pre-spanish time in southern and western Luzon, (meaning southern Tagalog up to Pampanga)

These are Apo Laki-guardian of the sun and the god of war, Mayari the goddess of the moon, and Tala the goddess of the stars. The three siblings of Bathala, the Tagalog god of the heavens

Small info

Apo Laki (Tagalog name/Pampango name)
Adlaw (Visayan name)
Apo Kaoley (Pampango name/ Tagalog Name)

Deity Role : Guardian of Sun and War

info: Apo Laki or Apo kaoley, is the god of the sun and war that can be found in Tagalog & Pampanga Mythology. When the ancient Tagalogs (pertaining to the Tagalog ethnic group) go to war, they do a ritual dance of war in honor or in hopes that Apo Laki will favor them and and let them win the coming battle.

relationship: Apo Laki, is one of Bathala's son to a mortal woman meaning he is a demi god and brother to Mayari and Tala. However in some tribal accounts, Apolaki is not the son of Bathala but the son of Anagolay, the goddess of lost things and Dumakulem the guardian of mountains.

However the most common used mythology about Apo laki's relationship is that he is siblings with Mayari and Tala

*The Conflict between the Sun and the Moon*
These Mythology is used to explain why there is a sun at day and a moon at night. According to folklore the god Apo Laki, who ruled the sun and Mayari the one who ruled the moon fought over dominion over earth. Apo Laki wants total domination while Mayari wants an Equal share of rule, they fought on a devastating duel which ended up blinding Mayari on one of her eye (which eye however is not said on the Mythology).

Apolaki once dominated by rage felt sorry for what he did and decided to finally end the conflict and share the rule of earth with Mayari [link]

Mayari (tagalog name)
Malyari (pampango name)
Bulan (Visayan name)

Deity Role
Guardian and Goddess of the moon

The one eyed goddess of the moon and sister to Apo Laki and Tala. Like Apo Laki, she too is a demi goddess, she guards the moon and gives light to the night along with Tala the goddess of the stars. She is blind with one eye because of what happened between her and her brother Apo Laki, this explains why the moon is changing shapes (pertaining to moon phases).

Other moon goddess
the ancient Filipinos are very superstitious especially in the moon, another moon goddess from Luzon by the name of Haliya [link], a Bikolano Deity, who wears a mask to battle and the main rival of the moon devouring dragon Bakunawa [link]

Not much is said about Tala as the daughter of Bathala, only that she ruled the stars (and is usually referred to as the “evening and morning star”). There are, however, varied accounts of her origination. One myth tells us that she is not the daughter of Bathala, but in fact the child of moon goddess Buan (probably a variation of “Bulan”). It is said that Tala warns her mother of sun god Arao’s (Adlaw) rampage, and only when the sun is gone is it safe for Buan to bring forth the stars in the sky.

List of other Filipino gods and goddesses

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