Friday: Mythology Artemis Picture

Friday's theme: Mythology!

Epic Zutara symbolism!
I did this before I did Zuko's half of the pic. Originally, i did them on one sheet, but i split them for convinience because you had to turn your head to see both of them since one was right side up and one was upside down.
Artemis is my favorite goddess out of the Olympians, mostly because i love the way her name sounds, even if she did kill that lady's kids mercilessly because she made fun of her mother, Leto. I admire the.....bluntness, you might say.

I did the most cliche thing by doing this. Sun=Apollo=Zuko then Moon=Artemis=Katara. Apollo+Artemis=family=incest.
But Artemis+Apollo+incest+zutara+Alice drawing this= Eh, who cares, it's hot.
I'm really in the mood to go read Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. It's greek mythology plus a modern twist.

The Companion to this:
Apollo Zuko
The Original Piece:

I COULD color this just because i like it that much.
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