Curious Espeon and Shiny Umbreon Picture

This, of course is a little project I'm trying. I figured I might as well upload it, because I'm probably not going to do anymore with it. It's not that there isn't a lot more to do, just that I have no time to work on art ( Yay intensive school courses). I still have one commission I'm trying to finish T_T
Anyway, enough complaining haha

I love working on a black canvas and filling it with colour <3 . I use to just do lines, but I wanted to work with light and see if I could make it look like the characters had more weight.

It actually started out with wanting to give one of my favorite Pokemon, Vaporeon some love. Then I learned I really sucked at drawing Vaporeon XD. In fact, I learned I sucked at drawing all of eevee's evolutions ( I really like them all so much haha). Sooo I found two stock images of cats and worked from those. Although, I find Umbreon looks like a rabbit.

( Edit: Speaking of which, I learned a fun fact on Wiki today. "The appearance of Espeon is said to resemble the Japanese mythological creature known as Nekomata which also displays the feline body with forked tail tip and solid colored eyes." and "Just like Espeon, Umbreon is also based on Japanese mythology, the moon rabbit. "
So I guess it's fitting that they turned out looking so much like a cat and rabbit ^_^)

I'm hoping to do more of these, because they're a lot of fun. I really want to be able to give some of my favorite pokemon some love =3

( Also, please feel free to give me some constructive tips ^_^ They help me improve)

Edit: Now when I look at Umbreon's legs, I feel I may have been thinking with Portals when I painted him >.>

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