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So in the poll, most of you guys wanted a Luna and Sombra NextGen, so y'all got a next gen

Say hello to Ganymede, son of Luna and the alternate-timeline Sombra, heir to the night and named after the planet Jupiter's largest moon and a hero from Greek mythology. The name also has the meaning "handsome, young and beautiful", which definitely fits him.

it's also intentional that i didnt include the stars in his mane and feathers as a colt. he didnt get them until around his mid-teens
Formal Name: Prince Ganymede
Name: Ganymede
Nickname(s): Prince, Gany, G
Sex: Stallion
Parents: Princess Luna (mother), King Sombra (father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Age: 25
Race: Alicorn (Genes: 50% Alicorn, 50% Unicorn)
Talent(s): Creating solar and lunar eclipses
Occupation: Prince/Heir to the Night
Ailments: He is mute, so he uses his magic or hooves to depict what he wants to say or describe by using "horse code" (kind of like morse code, except it's considered the Equestrian equivalent of sign language) with his hooves, or by writing sentences or showing images with his magic. However his facial expressions and body language do the job as well.
Bio/Personality: Son of the reformed King and the Princess of the night. Ganymede is obviously quiet and timid, but is very tough and brave in certain situations. He gives off a gentle presence around others. He may be silent but he is very sociable, and enjoys his friends' and subjects' company. He is very close to his mother, due to his father leaving when Ganymede was very young. He has a well established relationship with Princess Twilight's son Cosmic Dawn, and is currently seeing Panacea.
Cutie Mark: A solar eclipse with a few stars dotted on his mark, and the corona outlining the sun.

Extra Tidbits

-He was teased as a foal for being mute, which is why he is very timid around ponies who are visually or vocally intimidating. However the teasing has also made him thick-skinned, so teasing and taunting doesn't really ache him anymore.

-His father is no longer around, as King Sombra had to, though reluctantly, return to his alternate dimension when Ganymede was a yearling. Ganymede has very little memories of his father. All he has are a few pictures and happy memories until the day he left. He desperately wants to visit the alternate timeline to see his father.
º The reason why reformed Sombra left Equestria is because non-reformed Sombra ended up returning and encountering his alternate self, which caused a glitch in the timeline. The only way the glitch could have been fixed is if reformed Sombra left.Ganymede doesnt consider non-reformed Sombra as his father, although through alternate biological blood, they are related as father and son.

-Ganymede is actually small by alpha Alicorn standards. He is only about a few inches taller than the beta alicorn, Princess Twilight. He is just shy his mother's height.

-Although there is magic strong enough to give him a voice, he prefers to stay mute, as it feels it makes him who he is and it makes him unique.

-He also has slitted eyes. This is just a mutation.


so yeah! he's probably my favourite NextGen i've created, aside from Panacea and Cosmo.

I also love this ship to death tbh. I know most ship reformed Sombra and Celestia because of the comics (i mean they fell in love in the comics but they were ultimately permanently separated) but hey, shipping is shipping.

also, he is the first royal NextGen in the Astoriverse! =u=

All drawn in FireAlpaca

Ganymede (c) RhinestoneArts
MLPFiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro

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