Tlazolteotli Picture

“She gives and she takes” - these words truly refer to her, the Aztec mother-goddess, the goddess of Night, of Earth and Birth, of Sin and Repentance, the Dirt-Devourer - Tlazolteotli.
She can be easily recognized by a bloody cord or a coral snake around her neck, by a half-moon nose-ring, quail feathers and two spindles in her hair, by her yellow face and naked body. These are the symbols of lust, illicit passions and illnesses which are sent by her. Prostitutes were usually named “Tlazolteotli’s women”.
But when a man dies, Tlazolteotli comes to him and purfies his soul by eating all his sins, all the “dirt”. She has two sides, and that’s why the painting is bloody, but her face is absolutely calm.
Asking Tlazolteotli for help, the Aztecs striped the skin off a young girl, and than a priest put it on. And when there was no rain, and the fields were suffering from drought, they used to bind a man to a wooden post and throw darts at him. More splashes of blood – more fine drops of rain!

A week of work, PS CS2, mouse (hairrrr!.. one day I’ll die painting hair with a mouse!!!), no references.
The painting was mu-u-uch larger, it’s only 1/3 of it, but I was finishing it in a hurry, so… I don’t know if I’ll finish the whole one.
For Dianae’s contest “Gods, Goddesses and Mythology”: [link]
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