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THIS PROVES I'M OBSESSED WITH VIDEO GAMES. (shut up you people with money that can afford every console and every game ever made!! Nintendo is cheap that's why I like 'em!)

I did this for a contest on a Fan pimp gaming website. So I decided to show you all my games (well half, the rest can't fit, but I got all my gamecube games on there!) and highlight the major one I like! So here it goes, the color code is: Red is a favorite, but least of the bunch, yellow is better than red, Dark blue is Great games, Terquouse (light blue) is The best, and purple is the Best of the Best! It's a wierd system, but hey it works!

NOW for the long list of ALL the games and 3 systems on the table, starting with the systems from left to right- SNES, Gamcube, N64

And the games from top left across each row till the end of bottom right.-

Virtua Fighter, Guantlet Dark Legacy, Quidditch World Cup, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Darkened Skye, Lord of the Rings The Two Towers, LOTR Return of the King, Tales of Symphonia, Lost Kingdoms I, Rain of Fire, Sphinx, Prince of Persia the Warrior Within, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Zelda Collectors edition, POP two thrones, Golden Eye Rogue Agent (below POP WW), Super Smash Brothers Melee, Legend of Zelda Windwaker, Sould Caliber II, Mortal Kombat Deceptions, Gun, Metal Arms a Glitch in the System (under POP TT), Age of Mythology, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda Links Awakening DX inside of a SNES Gameboy adapter, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Septerra Core Legacy of the Creator, Pokemon Collosium, (stupid wrestling game), Under that a stupid Football game, Super Street Fighters II, Gaia, under that MK II, Donkey Kong 64 (it is naturally yellow, I did not do that), WWF 2000, Under it Ranma 1/2, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, Street Fighter I, The Secret of Mana, Mortal Kombat 4, under that Donkey Kong Country 2, Then finally Star Fox Adventures, and Star Fox Assualt!

PHEW!!! That's alot of games! Well the top 3 games are all I have time to comment on! And trust me, it hasn't been easy to choose!

SKIES OF ARCADIA- This game started out as a Dream Cast Game but later was made for the gamecube. This game is an Awesome Action/RPG that is probably the only one of its kind that the Turn by Turn fighting is actully fun! Now while the random fights can be anoying, they can also be avoided! This game is about a world growing from a recent desaster hundreds of years ago. They live in an age of great advancement compared to our own and live in the skies on floating continents. The hero, named Vyse, and his companions are Air pirates (well, 5 at least) To be more procise, they are blue rogues. Blue Rogues are like the robin hoods of the old times and the Black Pirates are the ture evil pirates.

And not only that but They also have to watch out for the Vallian Armada, A country that thrives under the Yellow moon. What's great about this game is Not only is it fun in the 40 + hours you'll spend beating this game and other stuff, but also the Deep story line and amazing graphics for its time! Later in the game you even become a captian of your very own Air Ship and get to look far and wide for a crew to help run it! Trust me, This game is WAY to long for me to explain go here [link] for more indepth info, and trust me, even if you look up all there is to know about the game short of the INTIRE story line, this game WILL surprise you on every corner. At one point you think it's this type of game, another point it turns drastically and so on till the BIG picture and story actully take place! O and my favorite character is Gilder, here is my drawing of him! [link] (The official concept artist do a MUCH better job)

TALES OF SYMPHONIA- What can I say about my # 2 most favorite game? Well the fact that you'll spend 80 + hours in a Spectacular game full of imagery and with full voice acting, intinse action, deep story line, top notch anime cut scenes, and a story which path is different each time you play might just begin to water the mouth of any gamer! But there is SO MUCH MORE!!! So much so that You just have to play this game, the story itself is really out rages because it to changes drastically throughout the progression of the story. The 3 things I have to say are the best qualities of this game are AN AWESOME SPECIAL EFFECTS ENGINE, A NEW AND UNIQUE FIGHTING ENGINE, AND THE FACT THAT YOU'LL WANT TO PLAY THE GAME OVER AND OVER AND TAKE THE MANY DIFFERENT PATHS YOU CAN TAKE IN THE GAME! Trust me, you'll love this game!-- go here [link] for more info!

DARKENED SKYE- Ok, I'll tell you right off the bat, this game has really only one fault, the game is SO FRICKEN HARD!!! The enemies act like real enemies and come straight at you and don't give you a single breath to attack! they don't just sit around for you to attack them! But other than that THIS GAME ROCKS!!!
As my Number 1 most favorite game, it has to! It's an Action RPG inspired by the Candy Skittles. But don't let that Fool you! This is not all TASTE THE RAINBOW, even though that is the main objective, go to the five lands, find their prisms, and restore them so the great rainbow can be freed! Like I said, DON'T LET THIS FOOL YOU! This game is actully VERY FUN to play with hours (HOURS BECAUSE IT'S SO FRICKEN HARD!) of gameplay and HILARIOUSE, HILARIOUSE COMEDY! The main reason why I like it is for the very reason that some one can take somthing like the ideas of skittles and make an INTIRE FANTASY story about them.

Basically in a nut shell this is it. "Lynlora...what a crummy place to be a teenager with dreams of glory or at least something to look forward to. The dread usurper Necroth rules the world armed with powerful magic. Make that stolen magic. All dissent is ruthlessly crushed. Along with dissent, bright colors, dreams, laughter....also illegal. Necroth's world is dismal. The people are downtrodden, the young people are demoralized. The only hope of destroying him rests with five ancient prisms bound in an amulet. But of course, the prisms were lost long ago.

Enter Skye of Lynlora, recruited as Hero #1 in the battle against evil.

Armed with her battle-staff, book of spells and sarcastic wit, Skye embarks on a quest to find the lost prisms. She must navigate dangerous paths in strange lands, awaken ancient gods and defeat the hordes of wymdrakes, demons and mind-games Necroth sends against her. Will she ever uncover the truth about her parents and find her missing mother? Will she manage to prevail in the darkness?" Go to the official Website - [link]

Here is what IGN says-

"A real-time action/adventure game for teens and adults based around several of the popular and enigmatic Skittles: Taste the Rainbow fantasy television commercials. It features a level-based, third-person-shooter style of design, but also includes a rich story line and a healthy dose of adventure game-type puzzles. Skye, our heroine, fights and puzzles her way through 30 real-time levels. Gameplay within each level is open-ended, free-roaming and non-linear. Magic takes the place of high-tech weaponry in the frequent combat encounters, while cutting-edge humor replaces blood and gore. The game is rendered in beautiful, high fantasy style and the quest is serious but Skye and her companion, a mouthy little gargoyle named Draak, make a steady stream of irreverent observations that poke fun at gaming cliches, themselves and their hopeless quest."-IGN

I tell you it is one of the best games you'll ever play, and even if you are a hardcore FPS stereo type gamer, you'll at least enjoy playing this once!
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