The Gifted- The High Priest Picture

Art Info:
Character: Kerruanna Thoqueisarath Baequimitore. Elven High Bardic Priest. Also a low prince in the elven court. Bio is located here: [link] on my forum. Kerrou is an important NPC in the 3.5e Dungeons and Dragons game I DM.
Media: Photoshop CS5 with Wacom Graphire Tablet

I wanted to do an experiment with ornamentation and Celtic knot work. Since I equate Elves with Celtic aesthetic (even though their origins are in Norse mythology) I thought the knots were appropriate.

The result is this. I figured I'd post this as is cause I don't even know how to begin to color this thing.

But I do love how it turned out.

Kerrou is a bit of a baby of mine. I'm attempting to write a bit of a story about his childhood and growth (and his relationship with a certain pet thief of mine). It would start with my two boys meeting each other, then delve into him becoming blind and how he overcame this and gained his powers and connection with the moon god.....

.... but as with most of my projects it is stunted at the beginning....

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