Lycanroc Is My New Bab!!!!! Picture

//sceaming// I haven't drawn in like a w e e k

SORRY FOR INACTIVITYYYY but here's a quick doodle before I sprint off in another direction!!!! I am!!!!! ABSOLUTELY loving pokeman moon so far, I'm not that far in but I absolutely adore my Lycanroc!!!!! Her name is REESE and she has a GENTLE NATURE and I just thought it was really ironic she evolved into this sCARY WEREWOLF THING-

so I wanted to try drawing her looking a lil more like a puppy!!!! This is just a really fast drawing but I really really wanna do more drawings of Lycanrocs in the future!!!
Did you know werewolves are like, one of my favorite mythological beings??? so this is!!! a surprising development!!

now I just gotta scour the GTS for 7 hours for the midday form
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