BGAW: Manananggal Picture

hohoho, i've been drawing like there is no tomorrow. another one of Beautiful Ghosts Around the World series is here, the sixth one: Manananggal.

Manananggal is a mythology from Philippines. she's not exactly a ghost; she's more like a witch woman who feeds on pregnant women's blood to keep her black magic power. one of the stories explains that she goes out on feeding only during full moon. during the day and nights of non-full-moon, she looks like a regular, beautiful woman.

her name, Manananggal, is loosely translated as "one who detached", which describes her look when she turns into a Manananggal: her upper body detaches itself from her lower body and she flies with a huge bat wings looking for her prey. then she sucks the blood of the fetus in a pregnant woman's womb using her proboscis tongue...

if she doesn't go back and attach herself to her lower-half of the body before daybreak, supposedly, the Manananggal would be killed.

the previous BGAW are: Kuntilanak, Yuki Onna, Huli Jing, Lamia and Glaistig.

i still have one more to go and, hopefully, it'll be up before the end of the week.
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