Tantal Picture

Oil on canvas, (100 X 80 cm). 2009.

Kuwaiti Mythology
Tantal is a myth created by the elders in order to keep children from going out at night and ensuring their well-being. More like the Kuwaiti version of the Boogeyman if you like.

The stories coincided with the disappearance of a young boy at that time who went out to sea at night and never came back.
People immediately blamed it on Mr. tantal here and the myth grew. 20 years later, this man comes along looking for his family and told everyone his story of how he was kidnapped and sold to a Persian man as a slave when he was a kid.

As silly as it sounds now, believe me! It worked! Even in my childhood days I used to be scared to death of this creature I kept hearing terrifying stories about and they kept me HOME!

And the agonising part is that he just does it for fun! He chases you around until you drop dead of fear then cracks up at you and leaves!
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