Red Priestess Picture

5 days out of my life just because of that devilish picture #________#. I have one favour to you guys. Concentrate on her HAIR , not on her anatomy, ok xD? I know I made a lot of mistakes again (actually that makes me more and more depressed with every new picture of mine .)
I decided to make a little break from my traditional media and that was my mistake - I didn't expect myself to get so obsessed with shading of hair o__O. I have just discovered I love making detailed shading on hair. I'm sometimes scaried of myself !_!
Anyway, the design of Mizuki's outfit is inspired by <_<.. ekhm... Morning Musume's videoclip to their song "The Manpower". It's all my sister's fault since she came back from her studies and as usual was watching MM all the time. But the true is I like those clothes very much and I couldn't resist to draw something like that..
The bg's reference is some photo of ancient Greek buildings.
Everything, except the lineart, was made with Adobe Photoshop CS.

Please don't eat me too much because of the mistakes, oki :_
Mizuki (c) me
Hope you will like it @[email protected]
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