Sultan Costume Picture

So here is my entry for the Lightning Returns Contest. I thought since most of the other participants may go with the futuristic path, I went with tribal.

The inspiration aside from the deadline is a traditional Filipino warrior, Lapu Lapu to be specific. The sleeveless midriff top is based on the vest with ethnic patterns which is secured with a belt. Instead of a whole body sash, it was made into two. One sash hangs on the left shoulder then loops around her waist and secured by a clip. The other one is a leg-length that is buttoned on the waist of the pants. For the accessories Lightning is wearing a striped pugong(turban), two golden earrings, and a necklace made from ingenious materials.

The design for the sword is a combination of Kampilan… and Kris…. The 'baybayin' engraved on the blade spells out "BA-KU-NA-WA", the name of the sword that is also the name of the dragon from the Philippine Mythology that could swallow the moon. The shield is based on the Kalasag…. The weapon and shield are modernized to make them look like the weapons from the Final Fantasy.

Hope you like it
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