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Book Of Shadows
Created as a contest entry for
The words are from 'Living Wicca' by Scott Cunningham.
It is for those who have become enchanted by the
moon shining through the trees; who have begun to investigate the sublime world that lies out beyond the fabric of daily life, and who stand in smoke-shrouded circles, raising aloft their hands to greet the Goddess and the God as the candles flicker on the altar...for those who, through choice or circumstance, meet with the Silver Lady and the Horned God alone.

The write-up was This is called a "page in your book", put a piece of yourself in this, tell us a little about yourself, or a experience you had, maybe a dream...anything that shows us a little of you. A page from my book...I am a Witch, with very strong influences in Celtic mythology and water magick. Being a Wiccan Witch plays a great part in my life, and I hope I have brought this through in this piece.

So here, the photos are all mine. I set my altar up in this fashion specifically for this shoot, as my altar in it's normal state isn't camera friendly. The photos of me are a few months old now (I have shorter hair, a fringe and wont be caught seen without make-up in public) but kept to the theme. You can see them on my photography account
Edit: I've played with this some more. Added some textures, played with the photos, played with the image level GREAT deal! I think I've done more work on this than ever, just to make it more original and

Thank-you to these wonderful people for providing such beautiful stock to play with...
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Photos are my own.
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