Night of the Yokai Picture

So recently I have REALLY being influenced by my intrigue into Japanese lore and monsters. Last year I get a small 3D concentration based on different stories such as the rabbit on the moon and akabeko etc, but after getting my assignment to turn a old master's piece, in my case Carravaggio's The Matyrdom of Saint Matthew, into something of my own, I found myself getting really excited thinking about yokai and folklore.
Okay, first of all, Carravaggio's a god (artistically speaking at least, in real life he was more of a bar-fighting prick), and doing a tonal study of one of his pieces has literally single-handedly opened my eyes to the brilliance of Baroque and Renaissance paintings (I used to think that style of painting was boring and uneventful; how I scoff at my naive former self hohoho). However, for my assignment, I was tasked to "kill the father", or take the inspiration of the theatrical stage o' Carravaggio set up and DESTROY it (and him haha). In the end, you can still look at my piece and go like "hmm this looks vaguely familiar", so I think I mortally wounded the father, but failed to deliver the final blow. He crawled away, that bastard!
But, in the end it's all good: my teacher liked it, it got featured in the AP show at my college and I got a lot of feedback.

If you have a critique, please give it!
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