Protectors of the Earth Picture

Protectors of the Earth...

Here it is, I added the background to the drawing I had of Hikaru.. It's not perfect, lines are not straight but I tried my best. The background took about 5-8 hours to do.

These are all my OC senshi's royal forms. They are the protectors of Earth and under the Earthen Ward of Elysium. I don't have a full background or reference to provide.

Middle - Earth
Top (Left to right): Helia, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Selene
Bottom (Left to right): Eos, Lilith, Pele, Nyx

It was hard coming up with a strategy to fit all of them properly so I decided.. since I made the season senshis first along with Earth, they go in the middle. Sorry that Autumn and Winter's faces were cut off. It was my poor planning and hope to do a better one in the future.

Then I had Helia and Selene being the major outer senshis so they had their own bigger areas.

Then I had Eos and Nyx, twins but opposite purposes. Eos was linked with Helia due to their "Dawn" or "Sun" theme. Nyx was linked with Selene due to their "Night" or "Moon" theme!

Then Lilith and Pele. Lilith is a vampiric senshi and her symbol is Death. Pele is is the archer of all life elements so her symbol is Life. So they are placed opposite of each other.

In the end, it worked out pefectly (their locations on the picture) ! Happy! All their chinese characters/kanji are their symbols but I left Helia and Selene out of it. I messed up on the outer designs X.X

The moon areas, I was going to put their names but since Helia and Selene didn't have one, I left it out and will do something else with it in the future?

You can check out the senshis I have available to the public right now in my OC Earthen Ward folder - [link]

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