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First off, some of you are probably thinking "HOLY CRAP Kt what's with all the fantasy reference? I don't see any of that in your work!" Well okay true, it's not so evident these days, but I had a HUUUUGE Fantasy period in my teens before I even knew what the heck this technological thing called the internet was, so most of that stuff is tucked away in archaic old things we used to call "sketchbooks". Regardless, that stuff's still floating around in my psyche just waiting to pounce... ALOT of this stuff you may not see in my work, but they've been an inspiration and an influence at one point or another.

Anyhoo, let's begin shall we?

1) BAM! Sailor Moon. When this colourful, sparkly show came out with it's crazy story of magical girls battling evil, freaking out over homework and boyfriends, and making crazy looking anime faces, I was hooked. I remember taping the shows, freeze framing them and sketching from the tv. This was the start of my anime influence.

2) John K: The weird faces he'd give his characters cracked me up every time.

3)Bone, one of my favourite graphic novels to date. I love this silly fun light hearted story that slowly evolves into a fairly serious fantasy epic. Jeff Smith's design and brush work are so lovely they make my teeth hurt.

4) Asterix: I grew up on these, very fun and cartoony.

5) Sky Doll

6) Groo

7) Sleeping Beauty (but most Disney films)

8) Chuck Jones

9) As a kid I was HUGE into Archie and still have a binder around somewhere full of my own Archie comics. This was right before Sailor Moon came into play and anime took over my whole visual interest. Regardless, the Archie vs Punisher plot line still cracks me up with how ridiculously out of place it is.

10) Cybersix

11) Steve Rude (Nexus). I adore his linework, and as a kid I used to copy images from his sketchbook (though some of those were studies from Alex Toph drawings...)

12) Moebius (The Magic Crystal)

13) Albert the 5th Musketeer. One of my favourite shows because of how ridiculous and silly it was, Cardinal Richelieu and M'Lady were such funny villains to me, my favourite line for WHATEVER stupid reason is "M'Lady, stop eating those strawberries!"

14) Brian Froud and Alan Lee... and anything faerie like in general. I'm talking old world dangerous faeries not pretty little tra-la-la singing fairys. This also represents my interest in Celtic mythology.

15) Cracked Magazine. I know people consider this to be a rip-off version of Mad Magazine, but there was one artist Walter Brogan who's way of drawing people was always super funny to me. I used to get these all the time when I was like 11 or 12, I never knew what movies they were parodying but I still enjoyed them.

16) The Scions of Shannara. The Shannara series was my faaaavourite series as a pre-teen. This arc in particular totally blew my mind.

17) Legend. Yup. Tim Curry's demon best villain evar.

18) The Brothers Hildebrandt. Also all those children's stories from our youth.

19) Slayers. One of my absolute favourite animes. It's got a kick ass female lead, fun and interesting characters, and I like the way they tell a story that has an overall interesting adventure arc full of light-hearted goofyness which ultimately heads toward a more dark and deadly serious climax before things get relaxed again.

20) Final Fantasy 7 in general.

21) Adam Warren. My introduction to American Anime, and he draws some sexy, sexy ladies.

Okay, sorry that wasn't more insightful, my eyes are kind of tired and I'm hungry so I just rushed through the talky bits. Anyhoo, there's probably plenty more influences I can think of, but that's it for now...
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