The Jaguar and the Ocelot Picture

Possible spoiler in image! Beware!

The Dilemma of the Pic
I had debated with myself for a long time weather or not I wanted to post this pic.
Frankly, as you could all tell why- it's one of those "Talking out my ass" pictures.
We all are familiar with Grimmjow's release form, and for shits-and-giggles I drew a release form for Ulquiorra.
I based his release form on an Ocelot to counter Grimmjow's Jaguar- mainly because I was playing off Aztec mythology where the Ocelot is the polar opposite to the Jaguar (Jaguar is a symbol for the "jaguar sun"/day, Ocelot the Polar star/night, Jaguar by nature violent, aggressive, "loud". Ocelot quiet, reserved, and calculated).

I did this obviously because I was playing off the fact that Tite Kubo references lots of mythology when creating his characters, and with the "crying eyes" on Ulquiorra I thought either Cheetah or Ocelot (both have the "crying eyes pattern on the face). Since he is working heavily on the Spanish cultural myths I figured Ocelot.

Thing is, if one looks at his sword guard, it's obvious to see that Ulquiorra has more chances (and I'm almost certain) that he is being referenced to Horus- because his sword looks like the Eye of Ra, and Ulquiorra's "crying face" resembles Horus' "tear mask". Also, becuase of Ulquiorra's capability of removing his eye (earlier in the arc)- Horus, in one myth, looses an eye to another supernatural being and so was said to control both the sun and moon (each eye was one of the two) and the blind eye was the "all seeing' knowing" eye- like Ulquiorra's "video tape" eye.
This could all still be talking out of my ass because until we SEE Ulquiorra's release form, we wont' know.

Thing is, I'm hoping to GOD he [Tite Kubo] will NOT reference Egyptian myth for this. Honestly, I am sick of seeing all the refs form all the fanart and other idiotisims (the new fashion of "egyptology"- mind you, which isn't even the proper WORD for the study of Egyptian myth/culture/archeology) that glorify "Oh look! Anthros! Look at me! I'm Anubis!" crap. It pisses me off the way poeple go around saying "this is my totem animal" and they have NO idea what the hell they are talking about. Too much new-age, not enough education.

About the pic
This was cute... because I have a love for Grimmjow's Feeties. Obsessive love. And I wanted to draw Kitty!Grimmjy and his beloved-love-to-hate brother Ulquiorra. And SO I put Ulquiorra in the juxtaposed Ocelot (double tails like his coat).
Well, as I was drawing the pic, I drew Gimmjy first, and noticed that his expressions was staring disapprovingly at something, and yet, wasn't TOO upset about it... And so I realized it was demanding kitty-butt!
So after I drew the cute little image, it was my sister who quoted it best:
"Grimmjy's like- Your gregarious enormous butt is touching my arm. I'm enjoying it's warmth... but it's all YOUR fault."

Kitty-brothers. So cute and cuddley! Mind you, The reason I submitted a huge pic is so that you can see that Ulquiorra isn't frowning, but that there are two "spots" by his mouth that mimic a scowl (like most wild cats).
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